3.5: there’s always cake

Right. I left off just before the twins birthday party. After that, Marina will be free to court Bernardo from across the street and Nikolai should decide what  he wants to do… well, he doesn’t have to move out. He can stay. We have the Full House mod.

Sergej is home, up in his room, sitting at the computer, like he used to do so often during his lifetime.



“Don’t be sad, Abbie.”


“The sun is still shining, and I’m still here after a fashion.”


“You are a rich woman now.”


In the very last moment, before he has to flee the rising sun, Abbie tries to get hold of him. Kissing a ghost must be weird.


In the main house, the family is getting together for breakfast.


Demario pulls his girl into a hug. He’s immensely proud of his children.


Let’s get the party started!


Marina rolls the hot-headed trait. Well, that kind of fits her.


“This is a very delicious cake.” Nikolai rolls the Loves Outdoors trait!


How did that happen? I swear, Marina is too smart for her own good. Here she is, autonomously flirting with Bernardo. That girl definitely knows what she wants!


In Marina’s soon to be vacant room, Billie enjoys the harmony of the colours, looking really immersed in her inner world. It’s then I get the idea to try and pair her up with Nikolai. He probably won’t be interested. But this way Billie can live in the house she so clearly loves.

Speaking of Marina, Bernardo sent birthday congratulations! And she had the wish to send a happy text, so she sent a happy text to Bernardo, and he invited her to a cafe! We’re on a roll.




After getting in the right mood, they decide to take the conversation elsewhere… Let’s try the new bar!



Oh, look! Marina has a contestant. That lady appeared while Marina was ordering drinks. 758.jpg

“I just won’t talk to you anymore”, Marina declares. The lady is not amused. She’s really pretty, though.


“Would you forgive me”, Bernardo inquires. “Keci is just an old friend from high school. There’s nothing between us anymore.”


Keci or whats her name leaves and that is Marina’s signal.


Nothing lifts the spirits like a game of don’t wake the Llama!


“Would you do me the honour, sir?”

Bernardo is tired, though, because they’ve been staying up all night, and heads home.

For a while it’s the usual madness. Nikolai, feeling focused from using the observatory, all his bars green, has invited Billie.

I know it’s me kind of forcing him. He never shown much interest in anybody, honestly. The only thing he ever does with other sims outside of his family is to show them pictures, which I can only guess contain only food.

We find out that Billie is a Vegetarian too! I totally forgot about that. Maybe they can bond about their food preferences.


“We have the best homegrown produce!”


“Thank you for inviting me, I look forward to try it out!”


“Just look at these colours!”


“The other day I saw a really huge butterfly over there!”


“Why, yes of course you can use our computer!”


Nice talk. Though, I still think there is a chance… they might just need to take it slowly. Nikolai might be Marina’s twin, but they are as different as can be.

Marina, on the other hand, gets the wish to kiss Bernardo, so we arrange for a date night.


Seems to be a success.


After a brief foray to the dance floor – where she met her ghost grandfather again – Marina decides to speed things up a bit. As a Self Assured, Hot Headed sim with the Big Family aspiration, she doesn’t want to waste time.


“I’ve got something for you…”


“Will you marry me, Bernardo?”


The poor guy is hungry and tired, but happy nonetheless, and how could he resist something like that? Of course he says yes.


After Bernardo has been allowed to retire, Marina stays up almost the whole night, feeling very energized. She has made the right decision for herself.



3 comments on “3.5: there’s always cake

  1. cathytea says:

    Congratulations ! I hope Billie decides she likes Nik, or at least likes being at his home so much she’ll consider liking him!


  2. sulsulsimlit says:

    Good luck Bernardo! A girl who knows what she wants can be an intimidating thing, and Marina certainly seems to know what she wants! Good thing Bernardo is taking it all in stride; they seem like a great match.


    • She seemed a bit pushy sometimes, he even rejected a few of her autonomous flirting actions! He probably needed a bit of time to deal with it. But they’re going strong now and she’ll be moving in with him as soon as I get the chance to play.


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