3.6: Onward

Bennett’s brother Waldemar is dead. I noticed it when I looked at his family tree. His parents’ ghosts kind of have disappeared, it seems. Also Jill disappeared too, which is a pity. There was probably a MC bug and they have been culled.

Nikolai has some stubble now. I thought he looks more mature with it. He also needs a job. Marina has chosen the entertainer career.


And Lara finally finished her Friend of the World aspiration. Bodybuilder will be the next, so she and Bennett, who also has to complete this one, might stay around longer.

Nikolai had the wish to send a happy text. Billie invited him to hangout in the park. Well, why not! I’ve been focusing on Marina and Aleksej in the last sessions, Nikolai needs to get some attention too!


He looks really happy to see her!


They were enthusing about furniture for a little bit: beds, dressers, now what… relaxation seats?

I brought Lara and Bennett over so they can use the public pool a bit and work on their skills. They had different things in mind though.



Well, something is definitely going on there.


Nikolai kind of looks as if he can’t decide if he’s scared or just found pure bliss. Maybe a little bit of both.


Bedroom gathering.

On the next day, Nikolai asks his father for advice.


“Maybe I should be a cook, like you?”


“Well, no matter what you do, son, but you need to start earning money.”


“On second thought, I always wanted to go into space! Just once.” 

And so he chooses the astronaut career. I’m not sure he would pass the tests, considering his physical shape… but you’re certainly free to try, Nik.


Because we need to move some things along, there will be a wedding. Because Marina is not the heir and is not staying at the house, she will marry at the chapel.




Is it just me or is Bernardo looking a little bit scared?


She turned out really beautiful.


And even if he might be a little bit scared, he plays by the book and melts in her hands. Well, we definitely know who’s the boss here.



Kitchen hangout. That’s Jesse Valle, Leonid’s best friend, Tiara Valle (might be his sister or his cousin or whatever) and Billie.


Now, where are the drinks?


“I will be a very popular musician soon. You will probably have to stay home with the children!”


“I would have plenty of time for my games then!”

You wish, Bernardo.


Checking out if the makeup still sits. Check.

And so we bid Marina goodbye as a resident of Raventree Estate. But she will be around! She’s only moving across the street, after all. I hope she will have many children!

We have a normal sized household of 8 people again, but I guess, it won’t last long. Alyson needs to move in very soon and become pregnant so Aleksej can see his children grow up to adulthood. And maybe we will welcome Billie into the household, because I’m really in love with her, and I still think Nikolai has a chance to woo her.

On the other hand, I’m really surprised that Abbie is still alive. I could move her over to the other side of the street, though… but I’m hesitant. She is 104 days old, but her age bar is somehow glitched out, it shows as empty and doesn’t change. Maybe moving her out is not a bad idea. I will think about it.

I have to go to bed now. Night shifts.



One comment on “3.6: Onward

  1. cathytea says:

    Sorry to hear about the culling . Wouldn’t it be awesome if Abbie was magic and stayed around forever ?


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