3.7: Grilled Cheese

I spent a while building an art studio and rearranging some things. I want to build a music / club hangout room next. But I’m broke again now.

Demario finished the Master Chef Aspiration. I chose the fortune aspiration for him next because I don’t have to care about it, it sort of happens.

Aleksej apparently already possesses 20 friends and only has to get Charisma to lvl 10 (lvl 6 currently) to finish friend of the world aspiration.

The next thing I want to do is to get Alyson into the household. And maybe Billie, before MCCC marries them off despite them having a no marry flag. And then ponder if I want Nikolai to move out to a small house of his own, preferably with Billie. I kind of want to see their children. They’re so different, I wonder how the genetics play out.

I invited Alyson and Aleksej asked her if she’d move in. She said yes, of course, and I added her to the household. Since she’s the 9th sim I can’t use the actual move in question.


Alyson has the Grilled Cheese aspiration. Honestly, I always thought it was a joke, I didn’t know there was an actual Grilled Cheese aspiration. Oh well, why not.

And because I don’t want to deal with another party right now, there’s a small and private wedding held in the garden, with nobody in attendance but the two of them.




And so Alyson officially becomes the Third Generation Primary Spouse.


“So? How’s it been?”


Alyson already feels like part of the family.


Sergej has come to check on his legacy!


Lara has started a portrait of Alyson in the art room!

It’s Flea market again! While the rest of the family is hanging out at the Karaoke bar, making terrible noice, Aleksej is selling his mother’s paintings again.


Being in a manager position, Aleksej knows how to sell things, and so all the paintings find new owners by the end of the day.

And when we’re all back home, we find out that Alyson is pregnant.

I’m very excited for the next generation!


One comment on “3.7: Grilled Cheese

  1. cathytea says:

    Congratulations on everything !


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