3.8: fourth bedroom

Bernardo’s parents, Savannah and Duane, are dead. Bernardo and Marina have the entire mansion to themselves.

And! I confess on cheating a bit. I went into their household to get Marina pregnant. I have no idea if it worked though, I just sent them into bed together. Since I never see it fail before, let’s assume it worked.


It definitely worked with Alyson. Here she is, autonomously telling Aleksej about it.


Lara overheard and went to congratulate her son. Notice Alyson succumbing to her grilled cheese addiction.

It’s also midnight and the whole family is congregating around the kitchen, eating different kinds of food.

And Marina invited Sveta to a party! We haven’t been to a dance party in ages, so we’ll go and take a bunch of other folks with us.


Lara and Alyson are getting along fabulously.

Alyson’s sister Ashlynn is also around. She’s a hot headed, kleptomaniac Goofball! Nice combination.


And Aleksej just stumbled onto a ghost bar session.


I don’t think I have to explain this.


Abbie is making good use of the art room.


Usual family hangout with a friend of Aleksej’s, Neelesh Bheeda.


Now that’s a sense of balance.


A woman, looking kind of similar to Alyson is visiting the lot. Her name is Myra Banerjee and I have no idea why she came, but Alyson likes her.

Alyson’s mother, Melanie Glenn, is dead by the way. Her father is culled from the game, but I strongly suspect him to be Dean Glenn. We met him early in the game, when Lara was a child still. He was a bit older than her.


Leonid has got a visitor too, Lilliana Mesa.


I didn’t even know it was possible to set the bar on fire while practicing bar tricks. Well, it never gets boring!


Later, we invite Billie. She arrives at the door feeling flirty.


“You’re looking great today!” 


“Oh, you too. I really like your shirt, by the way!”


Billie goes off to use the nearest computer, which turns out to be the boys room. Nikolai watches her dreamily for a while.


Suddenly, it’s an amorous exchange and they now have a romance bar!


I love Billie’s body language so much, she’s so beautiful to me. This also makes me realize: Nikolai doesn’t have his own room. He still shares the boys bedroom with his little cousin. But he’s not a boy anymore, he’s a man grown, with a healthy chance of needing a double bed very soon!

That means I need to furnish the other bedroom in the sleeper house.


It’s rather colorful for my tastes, but Nikolai likes bright colours if we can judge by his choice of clothing, and Billie is definitely an artist, and she comes across as a bit eccentrical. So it’s just fitting.


Sveta dropped by and kind of interrupted the conversation. Billie constantly had Sveta’s portrait crossed out in her thought bubbles. She was probably annoyed by Nikolai’s mother coming in just like that.

So she excused herself and said, she had to go. Nikolai ran out after her.


Now or never, he thought.


She returned his affections, but still went left the lot even if I had invited her for a sleepover. I guess, she was just as confused as Nikolai himself!


One comment on “3.8: fourth bedroom

  1. cathytea says:

    Yay for Billie !


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