3.9: Oak Gardens

Leonid completed his Motor aspiration.


He’s a good kid. I don’t know a thing about him because I never really focused on him, but he’s always doing his homework, and his bars are usually full, so he’s good at taking care of himself. He’s smart.

He’s aging up in 2 days. I will not send him to school, instead I will give him some attention. He’s only been to the park once or twice, I think. The other kids went a lot more often. I will send him out a bit.

We’re going to Old Oak gardens, a lot I placed from the gallery on the big Island lot in Windenburg. You can find it under national parks. It’s really great.

The child in attendance is Anvi Srivastava. I like her name. Anvi. It’s cute. She’s got the lazy trait.


Slowly all the other family members trickle in, except for Aleksej, who has to work.


Sveta completes her Mixologist aspiration.


Leonid makes friends with Lilliana Mesa. I think she’s the daughter of Goopy Mesa. She has the Good trait.


And with Sai Banerjee, even if she’s Mean.


I didn’t even know kids could play in fountains. It’s cool. We need one of those on our lot.

Everybody is tired even if it’s not evening yet. The family’s time management is screwed up again. Oh well. Let’s head home, then.

When we get back and I send everybody to bed, Aleksej’s best friend Sylvia Terrell invites him to hang out at the bluffs. Why not!


It’s a good opportunity to invite his club friends.


They haven’t talked to each other in a while!


Later, a pool party ensues. That’s Neelesh Bheeda and Ronnie Covington in the pool.

And my game crashed! Last time I saved was in the park. So the last few screenshots kind of never happened. But let’s just pretend they did.

I’m kind of frustrated though, so I’ll just call it a day.


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