3.11: household summary

I start getting the reason behind why there is a limit to normal Sim households. If you have more than 8 sims, you just lose any idea of what you are even supposed to do. They start having a life on their own and it’s just pure, unadulterated chaos.

I don’t even care.

All the time while I drove truck at work today I thought about Leonid and how perfect he turned out and how sad it is that he is not the heir. Guess what, I don’t care. Leonid will be my special, precious baby and he will never move out and he will father children and they can move out for all I care, but Leonid will forever stay in the household and will be my special baby.

I completely ignored him when he was a child and I’m sorry that he only completed the motor aspiration, but how could I know he would turn out to be so similar to Sergej? I will make up for it. He will be the Keeper of the Garden and he will probably be a scientist like Sergej because the first thing he did after becoming teenager was going to the observatory and using the microscope after. The Musical Genius aspiration doesn’t require a specific career so he can be a scientist. We will see how it goes.

It’s a good excuse to make a summary post about the current household members and my plans for them. I will not list the reward store traits, because most of them have a good number of them.

Let’s start with Abbie.

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Traits: Goofball, Creative, Glutton; Business Savvy
Age: Elder, 109 days


Abbie is not related to anybody. She was a random townie. After Jill died, Sergej met her at some festival and autonomously started flirting with her. After I installed the full house mod, I took her in. Sergej died a few days after. She’s the oldest, and also kind of glitched. Her age bar is blank. She walked on air once. I have no idea how long she wants to live, she is 109 years old. She writes books and goes to work in the writing career. She lives in the chamber above the fitness room, where Sergej used to live. Sergej’s ghost frequently visits her and when he takes her to bed, I get the message that it’s the first time for her. Every time. It has happened at least once. I guess he’s that good.

She’s mostly doing whatever. Sometimes I send her to tend the garden or write books. On her own, she paints paintings, does the dishes, and is generally friendly to the rest of the family. I don’t really have plans for her. She’s just living out her life in peace.

Then we have Bennett.

Aspiration: Master Chef (completed), Bodybuilder
Traits: Self Assured, Cheerful, Genius; Fresh Chef
Age: Elder, 91 days, 1 youth potion used at Adult age

Bennett is Lara’s first acquaintance from the park. He’s become her best friend and later love interest. Their relationship was slow in the makings, but over time, they became very affectionate towards each other.

When left to his own devices, Bennett likes to cook, mix drinks, watch TV, play games on the computer and harass the cow plant. He was chewed on a few times, but thankfully, spat back out. He does dishes and cleans stuff, but not very often. Works as a Cook.

I’d like to finish his aspiration, but other than that, I don’t have any plans for him. He should just be happy and enjoy his Elder days.


Aspiration: Friend of the World (completed), Bodybuilder
Traits: Music Lover, Active, Art Lover; Gregarious, Beloved, Physically Gifted, Mentally Gifted
Age: 3 days until Elder

2nd Generation heir, Sergej’s firstborn. She’s beautiful and I love her. She’ll have her Elder birthday in a few days. It was postponed by a late pregnancy. She is at top of the painter career, loves painting, does it often autonomously. She’s very close with her younger sister Sveta. They frequently talk to and hug each other, even when things are very chaotic.

I think I will manage to complete her aspiration before she’ll turn Elder, other than that, she’s welcome to do whatever she pleases.


Aspiration: Master Chef(completed), Master Mixologist (completed), Fabulously Wealthy
Traits: Genius, Romantic, Active; Socially Gifted, Fresh Chef, Potion Master, Essence of Flavor
Age: 10 days until Elder

Lara’s younger sister. Also very beautiful. Sveta loves to work out, cook, dance, and spend time with basically everybody in the household. She chose her husband Demario completely autonomously and she loves him very much despite Demario’s weird thin arms. Sometimes she’s stressed out at work a lot and there had been times where she was seen passed out on the sidewalk after a long day at the bar. She works as a Mixologist.

I don’t really have plans for her anymore, she’s welcome to do whatever.


Aspiration: Master Chef(completed), Fabulously Wealthy
Traits: Self-Assured, Music Lover, Foodie; Essence of Flavor, Fresh Chef
Age: 10 days until Elder

Known for his really thin arms. Love to mix drinks, cook, frequently cleans things. Loves to make knife blocks on the woodworking table. Friendly to everybody. Basically nice soft furniture. Loves Sveta forever and back and was promised to her since teenager years. Works as a Cook.


Aspiration: Friend of the World
Traits: Self-Assured, Art Lover, Kleptomaniac, Physically Gifted, Socially Gifted, Gregarious
Age: 4 days until Adult

3d generation heir. Was a bit pudgy as a kid. Used to be quiet. Has an insane amount of friends and I don’t even know how. Works as a furniture salesman (Business Career). If left to his own, plays computer games pretty much forever and maintains social media accounts with some hundred followers by now. No idea what he blogs about. Watches TV sometimes. Chose his own partner (Alyson) even if I wanted him to get together with Billie because Billie is awesome.

My plans for him include finishing his aspiration and working on a few skills.


Aspiration: Grilled Cheese
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Genius, Cheerful; Essence of Flavor
Age: 12 days until Adult

Has been a very cute kid. We met her in Windenburg park. Aleksej loved her ever since. Aleksej was a very awkward kid and teenager, so he only confessed it to her as a young adult, after he processed his depression about Sergej dying. Alyson has a sister Ashlynn, who is a Hot-Headed, Self-Assured Kleptomaniac. Or something like that. Her parents Deann and Melanie Glenn have died of old age. Late pregnancy, I guess.

Doesn’t have a job yet. Stays at home with the baby. I’m going to get a job for her. Don’t know which one though. She’ll get to choose. My plans for her involve her having another baby, maybe, if she wants one. Household is full enough as it is. Maybe take up fishing. Nobody since Jill has ever used the fishing pond we have on the lot.


Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Foodie, Vegetarian; Mentally Gifted, Quick Learner
Age: 11 days until Adult

Sveta’s son. Has a twin sister, Marina, she moved out to the mansion across the street. Nikolai will move out too, after his child is born.

Had been awkward and a bit obese (not very much though) through all his life. Has never been interested in anybody or anything except food and maybe playing chess. Weirdly enough, wanted to be an astronaut.

I kind of forced him to get together with Billie, because I love Billie. Then they went to the observatory together and Billie is pregnant.


Aspiration: Bodybuilder
Traits: Creative, Goofball, Vegetarian
Age: Adult, just aged up

Newest addition to the household. Absolutely perfect. I’ve been in love with her since I first met her. Slender, delicate, very expressive, a bit eccentric. Beautiful. I want her to have Nikolai’s children and see how genetics work out. Would be the first dark-skinned person to join the household.

My plans for her and Nikolai are to work on their skills, have children, and move out into their own household with their children.


Aspiration: Musical Genius
Traits: Active, Genius; Physically gifted
Age: Teenager, 13 days until age up

Absolutely perfect. Beautiful. Reminds me of Sergej a LOT. Like, a lot A LOT. Will stay in the household indefinitely.


4th gen heir. Being a baby.


2 comments on “3.11: household summary

  1. Loved the breakdown. Didn’t realize there were that many sins in the house! Wow! I could not handle that. LOL


  2. cathytea says:

    This is so wonderful ! Great to get to know each one! I love that Abbie is enchanted ! Maybe she’ll live forever !


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