3.12: an even fuller house

I don’t really have much time for playing these days. Night shifts have their disadvantages when you have to do other stuff after work. You have to go to bed after doing stuff and there is no time left to do what you want to.

The game is total chaos and I have no idea where to look first. So this is kind of disjointed.


I’m not sure this is how you hold a baby.


Aleksej has a very appropriate t-shirt for a workout after a long day at the office.


Billie and Leonid are hanging out with their mutual friend Jesse at the Gym because Billie needed to visit the gym for her aspiration.


Marina came along for a jog. It’s so nice to randomly see her in town.


That’s how a winner looks. She completed the bodybuilder aspiration. She will go for the painting aspiration next!


We’re having a yard sale with random stuff! It’s even successful. People are coming and buying things. I would love City Living only because of that.


Billie has just shared the news about her pregnancy.


Lara and Sveta spend time together. They always do. They’re best friends.


“Being dead isn’t that bad. Don’t worry about it.”

Sergej’s ghost is working out.


Marina has come over to talk to her twin brother and ask how he’s doing. He’s doing really great.


“You know, you could just call! It’s the middle of the night.”


Leo is lots of cute when playing his depressed freezer bunny guitar.


Did I mention I love yard sales? I might need to rearrange the yard.



Just random Lara and Billie moments. They’re both so beautiful.


Alyson and Danny. Danny will be my short name for Bogdan.


Oh look! Leo is reading a book to the cowplant.

I installed a bunch of mods that alter the moods and expressions of Sims. We can expect less constant smiling and emotions that don’t change every five seconds. I hope everything works.


Lil’ Danny stopped being a baby! He rolled the Art Lover trait with the corresponding artistic prodigy aspiration. He’s looking nice so far. I’m resisting the urge to open CAS and check how he would look as an adult.

His first autonomous action was to go and play at the computer but we will send him to the Art Room.

It’s Sunday, and we don’t really have anything to do, so we will go to the park, so Bogdan can meet some children, and the others can do whatever they want.

We send the boys first. Danny meets Lilliana Mesa whom we already know and Leo meets Emilio Pierce who’s a snob.



I got Alyson a job. I take it she wanted to be a scientist but I went for Astronaut instead. It’s close enough.

The family stayed in the park until late in the night. Nothing spectacular happened.

Sveta reached the top of the Mixologist career! And Lara has her Elder birthday soon. And Aleksej will turn Adult at the same time.



The family is usually taking turns eating breakfast. No matter how hard I try, I can never get them in the room at the same time. There are too many of them, I guess.


Billie will give birth real soon. I’m already excited about how her child will turn out.


Like with Bennett, there’s no party, just a cake. Lara doesn’t hesitate. She has led a life full of accomplishments and she is ready to take this step.


Still beautiful. Still in control of everything.


Later, Aleksej is playing Chess with his father and I remember that Chess was Bennett’s favourite activity when he was a boy Lara met at the park. And now he’s the Elder of the family. It’s strange, to see how their lives pass.

Billie is in labor, and because I feel like it, I send her and Nikolai to the hospital. Nikolai is panicking, thinking about food. He always thinks about food. The doctor is a ghost.





Now do you know what? It’s twins. Welcome Tamara and Zacharij. I guess it’s a good thing they are to move out. I don’t have any idea how to keep up anymore.

Upon coming home, Billie had the wish to propose to Nikolai. Alright, let’s do this.









4 comments on “3.12: an even fuller house

  1. Twins! 0_0 Good luck! How many sims in your house now?


  2. cathytea says:

    Sweet ! I love seeing how their essential qualities stay the same ad they grow !


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