3.13: making room

The first thing I have to think about is Aleksej’s birthday party. As the heir, he gets a party instead of just a cake and some well wishes. It’s the first thing I have to do in the game, otherwise I forget it again.

Then I want to concentrate a bit on Bogdan and building his friend circle… And visit Marina in her mansion and meet her daughter. Otherwise, just the usual. When Billie’s and Nikolai’s twins are children, we will move them out.

Also I thought that Leonid will have leadership over the distant family clubs. The core family club will be led by the current heir. The current family club Ravenflight is led by Lara at the moment, but I will give the leadership to Aleksej. I founded the club Ravenfeathers with Leonid – Marina’s family and Nikolai’s family will be there so I won’t lose touch with them.




The birthday party is pretty unspectacular and I only get a silver medal.


Lara is still so cute. Though, I must say, the custom skin I’m using doesn’t show age as much as vanilla. You can see some wrinkles if you look closely… but that’s all.

We hired a maid to help clean up the mess after the birthday. She’s mostly just standing around, though.


I think the babies are just eccentric as their mother. They’re constantly crying and vying for attention.


Leonid is having a dance party with his friends.


Look at this beauty. This is Anvi Srirastava. She’s a Lazy Geek. I’m slightly in love.


Just look like Leo looks at her. She seems unimpressed, though.


Nikolai and Billie share a quiet moment after work. They are not overly romantic with each other, but their friendship grows stronger with each passing day.


And these two are always talking to each other. I think, in the entire household, they have the deepest bond. They always hug and talk to each other and are happy in each other’s company.


Later at night, Sergej appears to take care of the constantly crying babies.


I found Demario in the art room. I don’t think he ever painted before.


It’s Billie’s Adult birthday.


“Come on guys, grab the cake!”

Aaaand I got the message that the twins have their birthday too. I will roll their traits and age them up manually, and then Leo will take the children to the park.


I just had the weirdest moment. I thought I screwed up at birth and they were both girls. But I went in CAS and checked and Zach is definitely a boy. He just looks like a girl. Well. That’s okay, I suppose. He’s got the Goofball trait and Artistic Prodigy aspiration.


Tamara ran away too fast to take a screenshot. I found her at the spaceship. She’s got the Self-Assured trait and Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.


That’s Corey Bheeda. I guess he’s our friend Neelesh Bheeda’s son.

The twins are very cute, by the way. But the house is getting crowded. Nikolai and his family will move out. Billie’s mother Anaya is still alive, by the way. I think I will move them together.

Nikolai’s family will live at the Sandtrap Flat lot, but I will get them a new house.

Pictures of the new house will follow tomorrow! I have to go to bed.


One comment on “3.13: making room

  1. cathytea says:

    Such a lovely update ! These are very interesting Sims !


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