3.14: family relations

So… yesterday I broke it off after moving out Nikolai, Billie, the twins and Billie’s mom to Sandtrap flat and I haven’t got a nice house for them.

I thought about building it myself, but it always takes so much time. I will save it for when I’m doing a Rebuilding Newcrest Challenge which I totally want to. Will go into the gallery now.

By the way, now that I’m in manage households. Marina’s daughter is called Alaina. I will send Leo or Danny to go meet her when I’m done with Nikolai’s house. And June and Akira’s kid is a blue skinned girl, Clarissa Kibo.

Settled for a nice mediterranean style house, called Samsey Manor. It’s got enough room for all of them.

I’ve only got 9 Sims in the household now. It feels kind of empty. It’ll stay this way for a while though, unless Alyson wants to have another baby.


It’s becoming easier to get most of them at one table since there’s only 9 of them. And I kind of want to rebuild the main house and the inner yard, but at the same time I don’t want to change anything. I’m getting a little tired from the colour pattern… If I roll Mansion Baron at some point, I will try to rebuild a little. Or maybe I’ll do it whenever. I’m not sure yet.


Not bad for an old man, Bennett.


Leonid briefly visited Marina. I wanted to see her daughter, but apparently she was not at home.


He had a nice little chat with his cousin, then ventured on.




Nikolai and Billie seem really happy in their new house. The kids are at school. Leonid doesn’t linger for long. He wants to take his mother to the art museum. (It’s for her Aspiration, but don’t tell him.)


“I thought you would like it here!”


Then I sent him to the park in Windenburg, because I want a change of scenery. Sometimes I get tired of Oasis Springs.


The resident child is our Zach with girl hair.


Nikolai is around too, plying chess with some random teen.


Leonid is doing what he loves to do most: playing guitar for whoever will listen.


That guy Albert is Silvia’s brother. I think Silvia was the one with the insane trait. I still like her outfit.


For a moment I thought I saw a younger version of Lara coming up. It’s kind of uncanny. It’s Lilliana Mesa.


Even her face shape resembles Lara’s very closely!

It’s getting late, so we return home.


We had a little accident in space. Abbie was up there, but nothing happened to her. She got up and went to bed. I swear, this woman is invincible. She’s 117 days old now.


This painting cracks me up. It’s raining pigs and apples?


Today I learned that during a yard sale Sims just walk into your house and start doing random stuff. Here we have Nikolai, who’s allowed to come in anytime.


In the end, we get visited by Alaina Medeiros. Marina’s daughter. You kids all have a weird sense of fashion. Reminds me of my own daughter.


One comment on “3.14: family relations

  1. cathytea says:

    Your towns are getting so interesting ! Wonderful people !


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