3.15: christmas break


Sveta has to talk to her granddaughter. I’m not sure if she’s trying to scare her with the monster under the bed or tell her an entirely different story.


But they’re definitely very cute together.


I find Marina in the art room, painting.


Nikolai’s family is around too. It’s like they never left, all of them.


They leave now, though, because it’s almost midnight. I love how Nikolai’s and Tamara’s thought bubbles match.


Meanwhile, Sergej is watching Leonid play. Look how similar they look.


Sergej’s proud of his grandson! He never met him in life, but he loves him nonetheless.

It’s weekend, by the way. We’re going to… Actually, I have no idea. TS4 feels so confining and small after a while.

I upped the sim limit per lot in MC to 40. Let’s see how that works out. We’re at the upgraded library in Willow Creek.


At least Bogdan is finding a lot of friends.

Bennett is angry about something. I send him collecting stuff. Since Sergej stopped living on the lawn, nobody was serious about collecting stuff. It’s kind of sad.



The increased sim count is kind of fun because it really looks full now, but I think my computer can’t quite handle it. Everybody resets once in a while and Sims glitch through objects trying to move. I’ll take it down to 30.

I send Alyson to collect stuff. We finally own potatoes.

Nothing important or funny happens, it gets kind of boring, and also late, so we go back home.

I think I’m going to take a break for a few days from playing TS4. I have started a new TS3 save – an ISBI challenge – and the McGregors need some attention too. Right now, I have the feeling like nothing new happens in TS4.


I’ll end this rather short update with a rare moment where the entire household is sleeping at an appropriate time.

Merry Holidays to all of you reading this.



4 comments on “3.15: christmas break

  1. I love seeing the thought bubbles in your story, how do you get them in your shots? Mine always disappear. 😦


    • You have to go to the options and enable UI in screenshots. That means that the entire UI is there, and I crop the pictures to my liking. In some of them, the UI is kind of still in the way and you can see traces of it at the edges. But I like having the thought bubbles more. It gives them more personality.


  2. sulsulsimlit says:

    I get what you mean about TS4 being confining-after a while, it feels like you’re just doing the same things over and over again. I’ve fallen into the trap of needing something new to happen so much that I speed through to the end of a generation, just to have someone new to play, and I end up missing a lot and leaving gaps in my story I think. Good on you for knowing when to switch out! It’ll be awesome to see the McGregors get some attention.


  3. cathytea says:

    I love being able to switch between TS3 and TS4 to keep both interesting .


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