TS3 ISBI 1.0: Introduction

I finally caved. I’ve been reading a few ISBI challenges lately (Cathy’s Whisper and the Tart ISBI, for example) and it made me want to try out something of my own.

I will make it similar to my other TS3 save. I will start with only Basegame, Seasons and Generations, and work my way through the expansion packs. I will probably move the family over the course of the game to try out the expansion worlds.

I’ll be mostly using this ruleset, but for a few things, I won’t be adhering to them. For instance, I will disregard the ‘no selling anything’ part. One of the fun things for me is growing things in the garden and selling them at the grocery store.

And the no telling kids to go to bed would ruin the immersion for me, because every responsible parent does that. Of course, I have no idea what my founder will be yet. Maybe they are totally nuts. Then they would not do that.

I will probably not use CC except some hairstyles. I have the whole NRAAS shebang, though, and I will continue using it.

I’m not sure which narrative style I will use for telling the story. I will play for a while and see what happens, just as I do with the McGregors. I will keep track of the points on a piece of paper and sum them up at the end of each update. I’m starting in Sunset Valley, since I use Riverview for the McGregors and want something different. My founder will be female.

Let’s start.

After crashing the game twice by using CAS, I finally succeeded.



Her name sounds like Kerrygold-Berg when spoken aloud which for a german native speaker translates to a mountain of irish butter and it kind of cracks me up.


Her first action was to read a book. I forgot which though. She had wishes to learn Handiness and visit a Handiness class.


The neighbors are here! The one on the left is Iliana Langerak, I suppose, she’s a premade. The other one is Leanna Norwood. I made her myself in CAS and put her in the house next door. Why? I don’t know. I felt like it. She turned out good for a randomizer output. I only picked her traits and likes. I forgot which they were though. We’ll find out one day.


“Nice home you have here.”

She’s just being polite. It’s a crappy, basic house with no ceiling. It has a roof, though. But no ceiling. If I look up in live mode, I can see the sky. I hate it.


“Take that!”

Of course, the thing to do when you meet your new neighbors is to hit them with pillows. How do you even have these pillows, Carrie? I guess it’s just a Sim thing. You always have a spare fire extinguisher and a couple of pillows wherever you go. It’s fine. I can deal with it.


“Can you imagine having babies? You’d have to feed them! It’s so much work!”


“I really like talking to you. Maybe we can be friends.”


“And then he just went and sat on that park bench, would you even believe it!”


“The stock markets are rising again!”


“When I can afford a desk, it will go over there!”

Actually I have absolutely no idea what’s happening there. I just put whatever is the first that comes to my mind in the captions. I think I found my narrating style right there. It’s a mix of random brainfarts and educated guesses. Sorry if it makes no sense to you.


“I saw the most wonderful desk in the furniure store the other day! Too bad I didn’t buy it.”

I am excited to find out if Carie will set the house on fire while preparing food for her guests. She doesn’t.

Iliana and Leanna talk to each other of many different things all the time during the food preparation. Leanna has to sit on the living chair in the far corner since we only have 2 chairs at the table.


I missed the moment, but Leanna was brushing teeth at Carie’s sink. And then she ventured into the bathroom and apparently wanted to sleep there, but Iliana came to talk to her some more and she went back out.


“Did you ever been in love?”

Now I kind of entertain the idea to have Leanna as Carie’s mate, but then I would have to adopt children and Carie’s genetics wouldn’t be passed on…


This one doesn’t need words, I think. I send Carie to bed, and the ladies continue to beat themselves with pillows for a while, while becoming more and more tired.

Leanna leaves sometime, and Iliana proceeds to brush teeth at our sink.


She does so three times, then leaves as well. I don’t understand these ladies, but I like them.

It’s Summer Festival. After getting up, having a bath and eating leftovers from yesterday, Carie ventures out into town.



Carie briefly wonders what she’s supposed to do with the hotdog plate. That’s her favourite food, by the way. Then she dives in and wins the contest.




She does all of this on her own. I don’t interfere.


I do, however, send her to talk to a Connor Frio. They seem to like each other at first, but their talk is kind of slow, they just stare and rarely say anything. Carey enthuses about outdoors five times in a row. Connor finds it boring. I think she just forgot that she already told him about her love of the outdoors.


When they’re finished, it’s dark and she’s tired, and the festival is closing up, so I send her home.


She’s picked some flowers at the festival park. This one, Cosmos, is actually rare and expensive. I will keep it for a while, though. Browsed the newspaper for jobs. Nothing really valuable… chose Military because it’s got the best payment.

Carie is now a Latrine Cleaner. She’s starting in 9 hours. She’s tired and goes to bed of her own accord.

I will do the same now, as well.



3 comments on “TS3 ISBI 1.0: Introduction

  1. Can’t wait to see how this progresses!


  2. cathytea says:

    Yes! I love TS3 ! Connor Frio is great ! I wonder if he or his brother married Blair . ..

    I guess I’m not really following any rules except my own , which are both rather involved and rather malleable .


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