TS3 ISBI 1.1: On the right lane

I started playing in windowed mode. I found the game somehow runs more stable in windowed mode, and the screenshots don’t look any different. I already play TS4 in windowed mode, because I am writing as I’m playing and I’m frequently switching to another window to write, and both games likes to crash when I tab out.

After playing TS4 exclusively for a while, TS3 looks different and fresh to me. I needed to give it attention, otherwise my TS4 legacy would have begun to frustrate me.


After eating leftovers, Carie goes off to clean soldier craphouses. Don’t smile so, Carie, it’s not that much fun.


She’s picked up by one Helena Haskings in a nice russian themed wooly hat. I like the hat. I had a similar one as a child.

At work, she met Dustin Langerak (probably Iliana’s husband) and a Trey Booth. He has a potato face.


On the way back, she drives with a Mitchell Bishop, who is black.  She’s dirty from cleaning latrines, and tense. Into the bathtub with you!

After reading a book on Handiness, she is called by Leanna Norwood – the neighbor lady – and is asked to repair an old TV.

It’s late, though, so we don’t. The next day is not much different, except the sink breaks and she gets sick at work.

After work, as she repairs the sink, Dustin Langerak calls and invites her on a date. But she’s sick, and dirty, and the bathroom is flooded, so we don’t go.

It’s all the usual stuff. Cleaning house, eating, going to bed. I checked on Trey Booth. He’s old, but single. He might be a potential spouse candidate. It starts to rain in the night. We throw the bathtub out and get a shower because it’s quicker.


After fixing Leanna’s TV and giving it back, we decide to hit the Gym. She has to work out and also meet people.

I start to love the way she stops and thinks about what she was supposed to do. Anyway, she goes for a swim, after I while I order her to work out. There are lots of folks hanging out. Mostly female.


This is the face of absolute torment.

After not finding any potential love interest in the gym, she heads to the library because I don’t have a better idea. It’s still raining.


“Your hat is awesome.” – “Thanks, you’re pretty awesome yourself.”

This is a Xander Clavell.


“I will be rich one day. I’m not exactly rich now, but I will be!”

I have no idea who he is. He’s looking nice. He doesn’t have a terrible case of potato face, so to speak.

I let them talk and expore the library in the meantime. Suddenly, Carie finds out that he is Inappropriate. When I zoom back on her, I see this.



*She’s so hot.*

Carie seems to have enjoyed it a lot, because Xander is suddenly a romantic interest and she’s asking him to watch the stars. I don’t interfere. Instead, I check for his relationship status in MC. He has a partner but no children. Also 4 flirts. Oh well. Let’s just go with the flow.

He doesn’t want to watch the stars with her, probably because it’s still raining. They go off into separate corners to read books.


That was a short fling. She’s tired, so I send her home.

As soon she’s out on the stairs, she cancels the go home interaction and storms back inside, upstairs, to confront Xander because he was apparently cheating. I haven’t seen anything, but Carie is pissed.



*I just want to go to bed.* “How do you dare, you idiot? You’re a jerk and I hate you!”


*Next time you want to see me, talk to the hand.*


Then she lunges forward and slaps him in the face a couple of times. I must honestly admit, I have never seen these interactions happen autonomously before. It is amazing.


Their bar is way into the red now. She storms off, heartbroken. Xander looks pissed.


Well. He’s probably not spouse material anymore.


At night, there’s an Alien outside, cataloging her plants.

She’s off to work again. The athletic meter is good now, but her mood is not. She gets a promotion anyway. Strangely enough, she wants to play hopscotch with Xander. Somehow I always want to call him Xavier. I don’t know why.

I buy a telescope and a chess table.

It’s weekend, by the way. We really have to find a more suitable man for her than Xander, Xavier or whatshisface.

After cleaning the house – she really loves it – I notice there is an event at the Stadium: Amateur Olympics. I send her to participate.

She doesn’t win anything. Then we’re at the diner spending our hard earned money. Still haven’t met anyone. Fast forward through household chores, eating and sleeping. There is a Lane Clementson in the relationship panel. I think it’s the mail delivery guy. Let’s invite him.


“It was raining the entire time!”

Nevermind it’s 5 in the morning and you’re standing at the lawn in your sleepwear.


“Hotdogs are the best!”

Lane is not particularly ugly.


“Yeah, but, I kind of like hamburgers more.”


“Look, what’s this?!” -“What?”




They proceed to have a water balloon fight for a few hours until I grow tired of this. Let’s move things forward a bit.

Their signs are compatible, and he’s single.


I still don’t know a single one of his traits. It’ll be a surprise.



“Look, it’s my favourite colour!”


He’s fine with a dozen romantic interactions, but when she goes for the kiss, he pushes her away. Maybe it’s too soon. He agrees to stay overnight, though.

Quick, toilet, shower, food, and then continue the conversation. Of course, the toilet clogs and the sink breaks. Lane is sitting in the corner reading a book.


After she’s done with caring for her needs, she goes straight to bed, and Lane stuffs his face with ice cream before going to bed too – he takes the spare bed in the second bedroom.

When she goes to work, he leaves as well.

The second week of work is not very different to the first. We got a threadmill. She’s busy with working, repairing her cheap plumbing and cleaning the house.

On Leisure day, we will try to get Lane into the household.


Alright. Why not? Scientists are nuts per definition.

For her new job, she has to improve gardening. We plant the three seeds that have been sitting on the lawn forever. And she has some free time now until the new job starts, so we invite Lane to the movie  theatre.


Apparently, Lane knows all about the new job, nevermind the fact that she’s still in the military uniform. He kindly informs her that there are dangerous radioactive things. She replies that microscopes are awesome and probably worth it.

I purchased the Observant trait for her. She found out that Lane is a Computer Whiz, a Daredevil, and has Commitment Issues. That’s why he didn’t want to kiss her or sleep in one bed with her. Well. We’ll try to work around it anyway.


“That book you were reading… you can have it… if you come over tonight.”


Lane: *is wet and freezing* Carie: “You’re so adorable. I am in love with you.”


He has a very characteristic nose.


He doesn’t move away this time.


And he agrees when she asks him to be her boyfriend. He must be very smitten with her to ignore his commitment issues so blatantly.


Though he looks kind of done when she leaps into his arms.


Things were going so well, I thought, why waste a perfect moment? He agreed. He has no idea what he just submitted himself to.


He starts getting some idea when she autonomously enthuses about the wedding. He is not amused. In fact, he looks like he regrets his life choices.


There’s a major commotion outside. A Blair Frio is having a baby and everybody is freaking out. Get her to the hospital, you stupid shits.


Carie and Lane don’t care. They go to watch a movie.

After the movie, Lane follows her home, going straight for the bookcase. He didn’t forget her offer about the book.

He reads the book for a while, while she cooks food. Then he just gets up and leaves.

She eats and heads directly for the bed. She has a great date moodlet and is very tired.


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8 comments on “TS3 ISBI 1.1: On the right lane

  1. cathytea says:

    Yay ! I love Sunset Valley! I’ve played it a lot so I know most of the premades, like Xander and Blair. I’ve never had Blair marry one of the Frios, though ! Your torch holder is awesome !


  2. sulsulsimlit says:

    The screenshots in this part made me laugh! I forgot how expressive TS3 sims are. Carie’s face while working out and Lane’s multiple “what have I done” expressions were hysterical. With a first torch holder and spouse like these, I’m definitely looking to the rest of the series 😁


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