TS3 ISBI 1.2: Married Life

I’m having too much fun with this save, but I guess the fun is just about to get started when we welcome Lane the Mailman into our humble abode and Carie gets pregnant. I played the McGregors for a bit today, but it involves a bit more thought process, because I have a bit of story planned and I have to see that the game matches it. Or see what happens in the game and match my story to it. Either way, it’s kind of complicated.

I also accidentally loaded it up with World Adventures activated because I was playing the McGregors. I decided not to care and just leave it in, but I don’t think the Goldbergs will be going on any vacations.

We’re having a wedding. I have just decided it, because Lane appeared on our lawn in his function as a mailman.




Of course, Carie had to come and assault him. He didn’t seem to mind much, though he first laughed about her being outside in her sleepwear, as did the Newspaper Girl who appeared a few seconds later.

It’s weird that Lane magically has short hair under his mailman hat. And I feel a litle bit guilty stealing him away in the middle of his shift, but as he will be quitting his job anyway… I decide not to care.

Carie: We should get married. Right now. On the beach.

Lane: On the beach? It’s autumn. It’s not beach season anymore!

Carie: Do I look like I care?

She doesn’t know terribly many people, so I invite those that sound interesting. There’s the Langerak family – we know Iliana – and the Frio family, and a few random acquantainces, and some people with names that I like.

Let’s do this.

There is an Info telling me about having a cake and a wedding arch. Do I need the wedding arch? I could go into edit town, I suppose…

I placed an arch and some more tables and a buffet table. The folks have arrived. Lane didn’t. Crap. Can I teleport him somehow?


Everything is so weird. Everybody went swimming.


Carie ate something from the buffet table, all alone. Lane still wasn’t in attendance. Then I let her call him and invite him out. Strangely enough, he came then.


“We will need toys.”


“But we’re not having babies!”

Carie: We will very soon.


Everybody is still swimming.


I was afraid Lane would disappear or flee again, but he went through the ordeal with a brave face.



He attended the cake cutting, too. But he didn’t want any of it. Instead, he went swimming as well.


Lane: I have enough of this crap.


The guests proceeded to devour the cake.


“I got married. Now I can go swim.”

In your wedding dress. Well, it’s fine. She changes out of the dress though, before she goes in all the way. I have given up trying to bring a sense of normality in her life. She doesn’t have any.


I had to save and exit the game at this point because I was away on a family dinner. When I opened it back again, the swimmers were standing on the shore like this. It vaguely looked like a satanic ritual.

Lane has the LTW of reaching the top of the journalism career and the wish to join it. Since giving jobs to spouses is allowed, I will assign him the journalism career. Since the wedding party is pretty much over, I send him to the office building. Carie heads home on her own. She’s in dire need of a shower.


Before she can get the shower – that’s her swimwear, by the way – she gets visited by VJ Alvi in a ridiculous costume. He’s asking for trick or treats, but she’s interrupted by her phone ringing. It’s somebody who’s missed her at their party I don’t remember getting an introduction for.

Lane is still out in the town. Let’s go check on him.

He’s standing in front of the office with a rainbow umbrella, doing nothing. Thinking nothing. It’s physical torture for me not being able to call him home or make him DO something.


After what feels like an eternity, he heads home.


Where he starts eating leftovers while Carie is trying to make salad. I have no idea what she’s making the salad of, considering she’s never been to the grocery shop and has been living on Mac’n’Cheese and Canned Soup until now.

Also I found out she has 6 days of vacation because she’s married. This is kind of ridiculous. HE doesn’t get vacation. Well probably because he didn’t have the damn job when he got married. Oh well.

Carie goes to clean the shower and Lane sneaks outside to jump in a puddle. Very mature, Mr. Former Mailman. Then he goes to the bathroom and presents Carie with a handful of dirt, which he then eats. He takes her into her arms and kisses her passionately. Must be awesome, just after he ate all that dirt.

Then I discover that Sims can indeed go to bed together autonomously. Carie jumps in, but not to sleep.



I haven’t set up risky woohoo yet so I put try for baby into their queue next. Poor Lane needs to survive two rounds.

After waking up, he thinks about having food but goes straight into the other bedroom. There’s a brand new computer that I purchased in the vain hope that he will use it for writing. He uses it to play games.


He’s playing Tony Hawks or whatever the skateboard game is called. I vaguely remember playing it as a kid. He actually goes to work once his carpool arrives.

We’re on our own again, Carie.


*Somebody made a mess somewhere.*

Yes, it was your husband. He left his dishes on the table.

After she cleaned the house and is happy from all that cleaning – really, that woman loves cleaning a LOT – I send her to abuse the telescope for a while, pay the bills, use the toilet, and then we’re off to the book shop because they’re having a sale and she wants to buy a logic book.


We almost run into Xander. Carie doesn’t give a damn, though. She’s too good for the likes of him now. She’s successfully married.

Then she runs into her former boss Erin Sword, who’s spelled Sw0rd in my game, I don’t know if it’s intentional.


“I’m so glad all these park benches are around, I don’t know what I would do without.”

Lane is back home. Playing Tony Hawks in his work clothes. Married life is not agreeing with him. I use his YA free action to visit a writing class.

Carie is still talking with Erin, getting wet. I should invest into an umbrella.

It’s full dark. It’s still raining. They’re still talking. Lane gets home from his writing class and continues torturing Tony Hawks.


I’m being wrong. He’s playing a sports game.

Finally, Carie stops talking with Erin and goes home. She throws away old newspaper, eats leftovers and does the dishes. It’s weird that she, being technically a slightly insane person, still does normal adult person things, while Lane just sits playing games.

Oh, he got up to take a shower. Nice work, pal.


Of course he broke it.


Lane: Not my problem, I’ll just go play some games.

Weirdly enough, when she finishes repairing the shower and goes to bed, he turns the computer off and goes to bed too.


“My god, I’m starving!”

There’s leftovers in the fridge. Knock yourself out.


He’s doing waffles. I hope he won’t set the kitchen on fire.



*I can’t believe I married him!*

Don’t get me wrong, Carie, but I don’t understand your excitement, this man is useless, he just plays games all day long.


Carie: There’s dirt on the floor.

Lane: Don’t worry, I got this.


*What’s wrong with this person?*


“You will clean it properly next time!”


Lane obediently starts cleaning the stove. I am so done with these two. I’m actually laughing out loud.


And we’re back to square one.

I send Carie outside to tend her plants and pick up some random rocks lying around. I notice Lane on the lawn. He’s raking leaves! Then he throws them into the bin and cleans the kitchen sink! What’s wrong with him? He goes to shower after that even if his hygiene bar is over half full.

Apparently he’s a computer game junkie, because he goes right back to it after showering. Well. As long as he gets up occassionally I’m fine with that. When I was little, living in Russia, in a big city surrounded by university students, there were a lot of jokes about computer junkies. Like: little girl comes to her mother and asks ‘mom, what’s that small, hairy creature on the chair in the corner’, and mother says ‘that’s your father, he’s on the internet”. When I was a child, I used to find it very funny.

I sent Carie check the mail. Erin sent a baseball as a wedding gift.

Then she’s out to report on her athletic progress to the Stadium. Lane uses the computer to chat with someone. I have no idea who this someone is.


In case you’re not wet enough from the constant rain: go jump in a puddle.


She appears not to be pregnant yet. I always wanted to try the shower, by the way. So off they go. She’s wet anyway.

There was definitely the baby music afterwards.

And she’s also sick now. Probably from running around in the rain in a dress all the time and splashing in puddles. She wants to get a flu shot.


Don’t look at me like that, it wasn’t my choice.


Oh, NOW you’re dressing accordingly. Too little too late, don’t you think?


Yup, I know this feeling.


Yup, that too.


Carie: Turn that thing off and come play catch with me.


Why are they getting actual snow and I don’t?


Oh wow, he’s not playing games.


…she does.

Can I sell this thing back?


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7 comments on “TS3 ISBI 1.2: Married Life

  1. Congrats on the marriage! I love the pic of all the swimmers standing around the shore. So creepy! Lol!


  2. sulsulsimlit says:

    Lane is hilarious! Not showing up to the wedding seems very in line with that non-committal thing he’s got going. But it seems like he at least cares about Carie enough to change some of his ways now that they’re married-the cleaning of the leaves and taking a shower before going back to his games seemed like a very nice gesture. My first ISBI TH’s husband was completely useless when it came to those sorts of things-hopefully Lane stays better!


    • Well he is a Computer Whiz. I guess playing games is his second nature. I just spent an hour researching the internet on whether they will autonomously write or not. Some say they will, some say they won’t. It probably depends on the Sims and their traits. I still hope he will write autonomously.


  3. cathytea says:

    Ah, they’re so fantastic ! Once , two of my Sims also got married at that beach… the ceremony was much the same !


  4. Cindy says:

    I like the characters! Lane’s addiction to the laptop is such a sims thing, that’s why I hate the laptop all they do is play games on it haha.


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