TS3 ISBI 1.3: Baby Boom

We have left off when Carie got pregnant. The family doesn’t have any money, by the way. I spent like 2k for that damn computer that Lane is addicted to.


Lane is not a completely hopeless case, though. Sometimes he turns the PC off to be affectionate to his wife. I think he resolved his commitment issues. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to risk her wrath.

Since I have the feeling they have been cooking in their own juice for too long, we invite our neighbor Leanna Norwood.


“We’re having a baby! I’m so excited about his first steps.”


“And have all the toys lying around? No, I’ll pass.”

Leanna is an Artistic Heavy Sleeper with Commitment Issues.

Lane gets up for long enough to clean the counter and put the food into the fridge, then he’s assaulted by Carie again to play catch with him. Both mostly ignore Leanna after Lane tells her that there’s  snow outside. In case she hadn’t noticed.

She agrees.


It’s definitely snow. By the way, it was Lane’s wish to have the Holiday lights.

What’s kind of strange… Carie presented first signs of pregnancy on the day before that, but since then, she’s completely normal. No puking, no pregnancy wear. I’m worried it failed again.

When Carie is in the bathroom showring, Leanna presents Lane with red flowers. Lane is not amused. Lane doesn’t want those flowers. Lane feels awkward.



“Let’s just, uh… talk about computer games?”

They do so for a while.


Then Leanna tries again. Lane still isn’t having any of this.


Leanna mutters something about unresolves issues and leaves. In the bathroom, the shower breaks on Carie. Before starting to repair it, she changes into a long blue dress and there’s a music announcing that she is, in fact, pregnant.


Leanna is apparently still around. She’s in the bedroom with Lane making silly faces. Lane tries to scare her off with eating dirt, in which he succeeds. She storms off.


I decide to buy a new bed and a baby bed.


Lane: Yes! New bed!

It’s so dark in there. I will add a new light.

Leanna breaks the toilet and leaves, this time for good. Carie and Lane crawl into the new bed.

Lane and Carie have conflicting wishes. She wants to have a boy, he wants to have a girl. I wonder who wins. Lane takes a shower before work and leaves.

It’s weird. Reading other ISBI’s, there are so many fails. Stinking sims, pee puddles on the floor… so far, Lane is very good taking care of himself.


Isn’t it a bit cold for that?

Out of reasons not known to me, Leanna comes back in, helps herself to leftovers, and when Carie joins her, tells her of heartbreak.


I’m not sure you’re entitled to wine after trying to seduce your neighbors husband. Absolutely not sure.


Finally. Never feel like you’re overstayed your welcome?


Cue a little insanity. Carie is maniacally destroying a snow angel, probably made by Leanna. Of course it is evil and has to be obliterated.


It’s just, why do you have to do it in a dress? Don’t you have some warmer clothes?


Two snowmen in the yard are not enough, she’s got to make a third. You will get a cold and die. Maybe it’s some pregnancy clothes glitch? I check the outfits, but they’re more or less in place.

Well I’m allowed to force her if nobody else!


There, all better.

Lane’s back. He wants to have a guitar. Well, if that’ll keep him from the computer. We can barely afford it, but it’s fine, have your guitar, go make some noise.


Carie has moved on from snowmen.


*Why didn’t he change?”

By the way, I changed the wall and floor colour of the spare bedroom. It was ugly. Now it’s still ugly, but in a different way.

They play catch until it gets dark.


Lane picks up the guitar and tries to impress the kitchen with his nonexistent skills.


At night, there’s an alien again outside. It’s the same one. Its first name is Shannan. I think it’s old. It has a cane.

I also finally caved and changed Lane’s everyday clothes. By the way, he doesn’t have a favourite colour or food, just music.

When Lane’s back from work, he goes to the computer to chat with someone. He has learned that Madison is single. Who the hell is Madison?

And somehow Carie is friends with Lisa Bunch. I don’t even remember seeing her. Maybe at the wedding.


Apparently Madison is not that important. Lane emerges from his den and has a couple of very cute interactions with Carie in front of the fridge. He kisses her of his own accord – fulfilling a wish of his – and thanks her for the meal she just cooked.


Now they’re constantly flirting and hugging and being cute to each other. Where are the fails? Where is the madness. I don’t know if I’m glad or disappointed.


Going to play catch again. The snowmen are melting.

I sent her to buy a recipe book. But she didn’t quite make it to the bookstore and went in to labor.


Well, hospital it is.

She walks there. Well, it’s just around the corner. Lane gets out of bed and takes a taxi to the hospital, too.


After some brainstorming, I decide on Margarita as name, Maggie for short. The second trait is, due to the randomizer, Clumsy.

They go home together. Lane gets inside first and while having looked happy all the time, gets his usual “what have I gotten myself into” expression.



Carie, on the other hand, is very happy about the baby, of course, with her family oriented trait and everything.

And I discover that I can’t stand this dress anymore. Also the wall colouring. And I’m kind of disappointed with the available clothing choices. Maybe I should get some CC.

Everybody is in bed. Carie still wants to have a boy.

In the morning, the baby starts to cry. I could have sent Carie, but I wait. Lane gets up and goes to snuggle with little Maggie.


He’d rather be playing computer games, though. After he goes to work, Carie is there to give Maggie the bottle and play with her.


She also changes the diaper autonomously, before going to play some computer games herself.

Lane got a promotion. He’s now an automated spell checker checker. And he’s got favourite food now. It’s veggie rolls.

Carie is out to fix some lock for the police, so Lane is alone with Maggie. He’s not playing games for a change, but chatting with someone. I would like to know who that someone is. Ah. It’s Blair. Lane learned that she’s in a relationship with Conor. Alright.


So far, he doesn’t even fail to take care of the baby. The baby is happy and fed. Is my ISBI broken?


Carie got paid for fixing the jail and is making a snow angel outside.

Lane is playing guitar. He’s level 3 in it now. I guess if playing video games was a skill like in TS4, he would have maxed it by now.


I’m really bad at color theory. This wall is hideous, but it’s different from the former one, and it looks like something Carie would pick. We’ll live with it for a while.

This house is weird, by the way. I tried to fix the no ceiling thing by applying floor paint on the nonexistent second floor, but there is a 2×2 gap in the spare bedroom, no matter what I do. I need to get rid of this entire house. Guys, you need to make money.

Oh, nice, we got a holiday bonus. Still not enough to move somewhere better.

Since he’s not going to work today, Lane is constantly hanging out with Maggie. He seems to be totally smitten with her, nevermind his commitment issues.


We got our first fire!

That means, we have our first negative score.

Fire on stove or grill – 5

Why did that happen? She was cooking food. Her phone went off. It was her friend Lisa Bunch who is in the military. They talked. The food went on fire. That’s her being absent-minded. That’s fine, I do that too. But I’m usually alarmed by the smell BEFORE there’s a full blown fire.


Lane, being a daredevil, just LOVES the fire.



The fireman throws a fit over the fact that he’s late to the party. Carie thinks about how she can improve her logic and handiness skills on the broken stove.


Lane feels the need to express his feelings about the fire through music and Carie, absolutely done with the world, proceeds to eat leftovers from the fridge.

And Lisa Bunch – I think that’s her – invites us to a party. We should go. Can we take the baby?


She takes the baby. I wonder if that’s a very good idea, though. Lane stays at home and continues playing guitar.


Oh, why would you do that? The poor little worm.


Thankfully, Erin is there to pick up the baby. It ends on the floor again soon, though.


This is Lisa Bunch. She’s Inappropriate, Daredevil and Snob. Great company.

Lane is still playing guitar when Carie gets home. She doesn’t forget the baby. The baby is safely back in the crib.

Lane stops playing before his bladder gives out and visits the toilet, and helps himself to the leftovers, and goes to bed. Carie tries out the new bath/shower combination I just bought to eliminate the cheap shower moodlet they’ve been getting.

Bonus picture.





2 comments on “TS3 ISBI 1.3: Baby Boom

  1. cathytea says:

    Your ISBI Sims are really smart ! Lane is quite wonderful !


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