TS3 ISBI 1.5: Baby incoming

I installed a couple of tuning mods. Now I want to check if there is indeed autonomous writing.

Also Carie still appears to be not pregnant and she wants to have a boy and we need to have at least 2 children so we’re gonna try a few more times. And even if you break the bed while at it, I don’t care, produce me another baby.


We’ve got our first sign of neglect. Both parents are sleeping after almost breaking the shower. Maggie is awake and screaming. She was afraid of the dark but I turned on the light. Was that cheating? I don’t know. I couldn’t stand looking at her in the dark.

Lane wakes up after a few hours and feeds her and goes to work. Carie gets up shortly after – because she has to be at work today too, her off days from marriage and pregnancy are over – and changes her diaper.

I guess it’s time to call a babysitter. I checked the rules and it’s fine if everybody is at work.


That’s our new mailman. She’s ugly.


That’s the babysitter, Jacqueline Sanders.


She’s not leaving poor Maggie alone for ONE SECOND. They’re friends now.


I will use this size for notifications and text messages now. No, let’s keep the job. I like her as a scientist. She doesn’t read to me as a doctor.

Lane is back home, looking like Sherlock Holmes or something.


Lane: Stop that noise.


They were reading at the same time before her phone went off. By the way, I’m too lazy to apply my usual value and contrast and smooth filters today so the screenshots in this update will be as they come from the game, just cropped.

And I probably won’t go into every detail of who did what, if they’re doing normal and boring things. You probably know their routine by now.


No thanks.


She’s autonomously teaching Maggie to walk. I’m impressed.


This is a good face. I like this face. This face tells us that Lane has been successful planting that flower of which he is dreaming right now.


That’s nice. That never happened to me in TS3 before.


Just go back inside.


And up we go.

That’s what you get for inviting random aliens to your birthday parties, kids. Don’t do that at home.

She left Maggie in the high chair and Lane is sleeping.

Abduction doesn’t take that long in TS3 as it does in TS4, it seems.


Bad aliens. But since she was already pregnant, there probably won’t be an alien baby? It’s a pity actually. I would like to have some alien babies.

It’s probably his midlife crisis, but Lane is missing work for the first time in his life. He’s dancing in the kitchen in his sleepwear. The fridge stinks.


The madness begins.


He went showering and dressed for work after that just to play guitar in the kitchen. Maybe it’s a mod conflict? I don’t know, I will wait for tomorrow and see. If yes, I will remove the mods I installed lately.

Carie is letting up. Dirt is starting to pile up in various corners… I’m very thankful for the “clean house” interaction neat sims are getting. I wish there would be one in TS4.

I got a computer again. Even if the autonomous writing mod is working, he won’t do it out of thin air. But he’s back to playing games the entire waking time.

Carie is teaching Maggie to do things. I admit I made her do that. But I can do that, she’s my torch holder, she has to listen to me.


She can walk and talk now. Next thing is potty training!

I’m angry at Lane for skipping work so I just ignore him.

He tried going to work, though. The car was there and he went out of the house. But apparently it’s Leisure day so he came back in 5 minutes? I’m confused. I hope it’s not a mod conflict.

Let’s visit the festival or something then.

It’s kind of lame though. Lane stands around holding Maggie, doing nothing, then goes home after dark.


Carie stays around to play horseshoes.

When she’s home, we find out that Lane had been taking care of Maggie real good and is now playing guitar while she’s asleep with all her needs green. Carrie makes her household cleaning rounds and goes to shower, and that’s where we get the announcement that the baby is on the way.

Do we need another crib? I guess.


The bathroom is a more or less appropriate location to have a baby. As is the kitchen. That’s more historical.


I didn’t think her pregnancy was so bad. Tinamou is a bird order. Tina for short. Clumsy? We have two clumsy girls now. One is excitable, one is a loner. Can’t be good. I sense madness incoming.

Oops! I misclicked and now Carie is on the way to a date with some Cristopher Steel. He’s her coworker, I think.



They’re talking about gardening. A lot. Boring.



You sure?




2 comments on “TS3 ISBI 1.5: Baby incoming

  1. cathytea says:

    I love Christopher Steele . He was the founder’s spouse in my TS3 legacy .


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