TS3 ISBI 1.4: Midlife Crisis

We have a husband that can function on his own and a baby who is currently still happy. Compared to most other ISBI’s, mine feels boring. Our score is Zero, because we got +5 for the baby and -5 for the fire.

I’m reading the Cuckoo legacy and having a laughing fit about most of the things because they are so freaking hilarious. None of those has happened in my ISBI yet, but I’m having some nice little tame fun playing it.

Carie needs a second child. I just don’t know if now or later, when the first child can take care of the second.

By the way, Lane has a Radio in his inventory. I have no idea where he got it or why. Also he stole the guitar. Is it influencing him if I take the guitar back out of his inventory and put it back where it belongs?

It’s Maggie’s birthday today. Lane feeds, changes and snuggles her before going to work, instead of having a shower as usual. Carie stays in bed longer, as usual. Nothing happens until he comes from work, just Carie doing household chores. When he gets back, Carie goes to play computer games. Lane has a shower, turns on the radio and goes to play guitar – outside.


He goes to bed early and sleeps through his daughter birthday, which was no big deal. Carie put the baby on the floor and went away to mop up a puddle from a broken sink, oblivious to the underlying cause of the puddle.

I spend around 3k of their hard earned money for baby stuff.


Of course, the baby is very cute, so it’s worth it.


It has Carie’s hair colour. Or something very close to it.

Lane is off for the weekend. Both are very close to their birthdays, Carie’s birthday due in one day, Lane’s in 2. We need another baby, though. I decided we need it now.


The shower worked really great the last time.


You should probably feed your daughter instead of playing guitar and being annoyed about the noise. He wants to buy a high chair. Maybe he’ll feed her then. I get a high chair. He continues playing the guitar.

Maggie falls asleep hungry and he only stops to go to the toilet.


Instead of using the newly purchased high chair, he takes her out on the floor and gives her a bottle. Than he goes to chat online.


Carie gets up and teaches her to say sensible things like stickers and smiles and fishes and food and bookcases and asking forgiveness, but also criminals and trashcans.


Lane is dancing to his stereo. The fridge stinks.


Lane made nice quality waffles. Carie never wears her everyday clothes anymore. When she goes outside to throw away newspaper, she changes into outdoor clothes, but she changes back into her sleepwear when she’s inside.

We invite Lisa and Judy Bunch. They’re making more snowmen outside, while Carie and Lane are flirting with each other again.

They’re completely ignoring their guests again. Then they go play catch.


Lisa broke the computer. Lane will be furious. I think I won’t force Carie to repair it. It’s probably better off broken.


Why is everybody so intent on giving Lane flowers? Judy, his wife is standing RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU. Why would you do that.


That snowman had it coming.

Lane is in bed. I was anticipating him passing out, but he’s still good at taking care of himself.


Memories that will probably scar you for life: watching two grown woman you’ve neve seen before beat themselves with pillows while your mother is making snow angels outside.

The guests announce their leaving, but stay in the kitchen having a chat until 3 am or something.

Parents are in bed, Maggie is making noise on the xylophone. I use the moment to rearrange her room and put her crib in there so she won’t hear all that noise from the radio and the guitar playing.

Also there will be a birthday party real soon. I guess the shower thing didn’t take and Carie is not pregnant.

I get a larger table and two birthday cakes.


Oh look, she dressed.

Should I invite the alien that has been visiting us at night to the birthday party? Might be fun.

Let’s do this.


It clearly regrets showing up.

Lane’s first. Everybody’s falling in love with him and wants to know him better and so on. He’s kind of popular. Too bad for them.



Lane’s having a midlife crisis.



Carie is having one too.


Lisa, you’re Carie’s best friend, why would you do that? Why is everybody giving him flowers? He’s still not having any of it.

The guests thankfully leave. Carie gets to clean up all the mess.

We still need another baby.

We try the bed and the shower. Maybe it will take this time.

At night, while the parents sleep, Maggie is given the freedom of the castle… er, house. She chews on toys and makes noise on the xylophone.

It’s spring and Lane  got a promotion. He’s now a Freelance Writer even if he hasn’t written a word in his life.

Carie gets an opportunity to do some accounting and leaves the house, Lane is alone with the baby.


He always finds new vices. I got rid of the computer, so he can’t play games. He apparently doesn’t want to play guitar, so he discovered dancing.

And I think, the pregnancy didn’t take again.




3 comments on “TS3 ISBI 1.4: Midlife Crisis

  1. Lane’s super popular with the ladies. LOL Sad that she’s not pregnant yet. 😦


  2. cathytea says:

    They’re all so good-looking !


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