3.16: Goodbye Bennett

I have enough of TS3 for the time being. It’s fun, but doesn’t give me the warm fuzzy feeling TS4 does. Anyway, time to visit the Raventree Family again.

Maybe I will renovate the house. Building is so much easier in TS4 for me than TS3. I don’t have the slightest IDEA how to do stuff in TS3. Not the slightest. And all these patterns and colours just OVERWHELM me. Back to my safety zone.

I want to get one of the latest stuff packs and I can’t decide which. I would love to get all of them but I’m poor. I kind of want to get the Vintage Glamour stuff because of the butler. I’m not sure the family needs one though. Maybe later.

Alright. I have no idea what’s going on in the household. Like always. Let’s just go through things one at a time.

Bennett’s life bar started sparkling. Since he didn’t complete the fitness aspiration, I think, he won’t be with us long. Lara did, her lifebar is at half of the Elder stage.

Abbie’s lifebar is still glitched out. She’s 119 years old. At this point, I’m just curious how long she’ll stay around.

Sveta and Demario will be having their Elder birthday… uhm… right now. We’ll have a party.

The rest of the household are doing great.

The Flea Market is in town, so we’re going there to sell stuff and make money for our impending house renovation.


Grim is here, selling spare candles and lamps.


Aleksej: “So… the lamps you have there… can I have a discount?”

Apparently not. Aleksej spends the rest of the day with the Embarassed moodlet. Serves him right, why would you ask Death for a discount?


Lori Harper there is trying to sell her homework among multiple action figures. We find one we don’t have yet and buy it.


That’s a handsome guy! He has an asian sounding name, Nakamoto or something like that.


Darling Walsh is an Elder. She doesn’t have children or a spouse.


Death just gave tips to the guitar player and went away. The festival closed up and we went home. It was only Aleksej, Alyson and Leo remaining anyway, the others went to work and I sent Bogdan home because he was tired.


Aleksej is the only sim in the household who goes to the graveyard to mourn Sergej. He drops the action every time though – I guess because of the flowers at the gravestone, a routing issue – and just stands there for a while.

The game is a bit laggy currently, even if I turned the Sim Limit Per Lot down again. I have to pause now and then to let it catch up.


Oh no.

I knew that it would be soon, but I didn’t expect it to be NOW.




Another era is coming to an end at the Raventree Estate. Bennett, Lara’s first childhood friend, her lifetime chess opponent and her partner in every aspect of her life, is dead. He was 97 days old. Which is a lot, I suppose.



Our household is down to the natural limit of 8.


Grim descends to the living room, where Leonid was playing guitar but stopped because he saw Death. Leo immediately knew what happened and went away sad.

Grim thought about the cow plant and went to visit it.





Grim had just a short moment of personal respite, before he remembered his workload and disappeared to other realms.

I guess, Bennett wouldn’t have wished life to stop after his death. So there will be a birthday party for Sveta and Demario.





It’s a bit crowded now. Our extended family and some of our oldest friends came. They’re old too now, like Chantel or the Alien June or Steevie.


But such is life. We grow up, we grow, we grow old and we make place for the following generations. And there is a lot to make place for – Sveta’s and Demario’s grandkids, for example. There are three of them now, but I think there will be more soon.






That’s just a bronze medal party, but it felt good anyway. There was not much mess, no chaos, folks actually spent time with each other.


Don’t look so smug, you just placed bills for over 14k in our mailbox.


Bogdan and Corey are best friends, just like their fathers Aleksej and Neelesh.

After starting the TS3 ISBI, I kind of gave up on the idea to keep track of everything. I now mostly leave things to themselves and just watch them happen and I feel good with it.

And I formed the decision to renovate the house when Bogdan comes of age.


One comment on “3.16: Goodbye Bennett

  1. cathytea says:

    Condolences on Bennett . He was a very amazing Sim.


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