3.18: many makeovers

Maybe I’ll start a drifter challenge. I kind of want to try out some building stuff, but I don’t feel ready to renovate the house yet.

Bogdan finished his creative aspiration and is now going for the Motor skills.


We’re going to the Crazy Cactus Restaurant to have a double birthday party!

Random fact: remember Anvi Srivastava, a teenage girl Leonid kind of likes? Her mother is single and still a young adult, and she’s really cute too. She had a case of blue hair and pink eyebrows, but after a small makeover I really like her. Her name is Seema. Here she is.


She has darker skin than Anvi. I guess her father was a white guy and probably disappeared. Seema must have been very young when she got Anvi.


And because I felt like it, I gave the random barkeeper Melina Mooney a makeover too. Maybe went a bit overboard, but I kind of like it. Before is on the left, that’s the way she was generated. You can expect more townie makeovers, I downloaded a lot of Maxis Match hair and I want to see it in game.


Here she is in action.


Alyson is an Adult now, which doesn’t change much for her.

Leonid on the other hand, has had his YA birthday, which means he’s not a teenager anymore, and that changes things. His last trait is Perfectionist. Could be worse.


We only had a Bronze Level party, because the game lagged and I guess, the restaurant is not the most ideal venue. But who cares. It’s pretty there and we met nice people like Seema.

To celebrate Leonid’s coming of age further, I think I’ll send him out on his own tonight, to make new friends or fasten old friendships. For this, I placed a new night club (The Green High Club) in Willowcreek, there are some empty lots still.

Let’s test it!


Nikolai and Billie dropped by, and also some familiar ghosts.


Sergej and Bennett!

Silvia Fields, the crazy red haired girl, grew up rather tame. Makeover time!


Insane she might be, but she’s just plain beautiful now. Possible spouse material for Leonid.


Of course, Anvi is beautiful too. It’s a tie. I guess both of them will be frequent guests at our house in the next time.

There’s nothing else going on in the night club, so we’re back home.


Lara has completed her Painter Aspiration! She’s got three aspirations done now. Her next one will be Nerd Brain.


Just a coincidence? I gave Lara a romance book to read and she went to do it in Sveta’s bedroom.


Bogdan is visited by his cousins. They came over by their own volition, I didn’t invite them. Alaina, Marina’s daughter, doesn’t register as his cousin, by the way. Just Tamara.

I gave Alyson longer hair. She got a promotion in her astronaut job. She’s now level 4, Command Center Lead.


I think she looks great. More mature, somehow.

Bogdan only has 2 days until his Teen birthday, so he will take vacation days and work on his skills.

Not much is happening in the household right now. Everybody seems content. Household feels a little empty without Bennett, but our extended family is coming over frequently. I think Lara is dealing well with her loss. There is a lot to take care of for her, and she’s enjoying doing things around the house.

Generally, it’s quiet. It feels like the calm before the storm. I am already excited about the changes that are going to happen soon. I’m excited about Leonid’s lady, no matter which one he chooses. I’m excited about Bogdan growing up.

But right now, it’s just flowing along, the household members living their lives. There is no pressure, no drama, just peace.

Soon, there will be a generational shift, and the quiet will be over.


One comment on “3.18: many makeovers

  1. cathytea says:

    Nice to enjoy those peaceful moments ! You have such interesting Sims in your game !


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