3.19: meet Bennett Jr

I’m sick today, so I’m not at work. I slept for around 13 hours and I’m still feeling like crap, and since I don’t do much these days except playing and writing about Sims, that’s what I’m gonna do today as well.

Pondering what screenshot I would like to use for the Third Gen banner, I noticed that the generations have progressively more chapters. First Gen had 18, second had 23, and I’m at 19 right now and Bogdan is not even a teenager yet. So we’re looking at another few chapters, probably more than 23, before he takes over.


Leonid’s girl friends playing basketball with Sveta. Here are Leliana Mesa, Anvi Srivastava and Silvia Fields.


That’s Jesse Valle, Leonid’s best friend from childhood days. He’s an Evil and Cheerful Perfectionist. Also he kind of looks like a Native American to me.


This is Emilio Pierce, an Outgoing, Family Oriented Slob. He’s a friend from school days as well.


I never knew all those kids could use the monkey bars at once. There’s Corey Bheeda in the background, Bogdan in the blue pants, Zacharij on top and Georgia Pierce hanging out with the back to us.


Alyson walked out autonomously to hug her son. Also a new discovery for me: Zach doing homework sitting on the bars.

The game is lagging a bit at times. The Sims have actions in their queues but just stand around doing nothing. I had two bladder fails this way. No idea what’s causing it.

Sveta and Lara’s childhood friends are mostly dead now. Stevie is still around, and Beau Valle, but they’re elders too. Chantel is dead. June is dead. By the way, that starts me wondering, what has happened with her daughter Clarissa, now that both their parents are dead? I will go check. I liked Clarissa.

I’m afraid she’s gone. She’s doesn’t appear in household management anymore. It’s a pity. I guess she’s got taken by social services.

Would she appear in the adoption pool? Probably not. That is a nice idea though. Why don’t we adopt a kid?

And looking through the household management, there like three single homeless Sim households with the name Anand. We also have an Annika Anand living in San Muyshino. I think I’ll just dump the others in with her. So far they’re all female, so let them be sisters or cousins or whatever.


It’s saying he’s mourning Bennett, but it looks as if he’s crying over the dead cowplant.

Aleksej and Alyson are home now, so let’s do the adoption thing. I never ever adopted a child in TS4 before.


This is the image number 1000, by the way. Clarissa isn’t here. But there’s a boy named Bennett. What a coincidence. Aleksej was just mourning his father. Let’s take Bennett in.


Wow. Bennett Jr. has the Evil trait and the Social Butterfly aspiration. He might have a difficult character. Maybe that’s why he ended up in the Orphanage. But it’s not a problem. I think he’ll fit right in.



Bogdan’s friends are aging up one by one. That’s Georgia Pierce.


The boys: Nestor and Corey.

It’s the day of Bogdan’s birthday. He just completed his physical aspiration. I think we’ll celebrate the birthday outside somewhere. Let’s go to our next door park.


Here we go then!

His Adult Aspiration is Party Animal – that’s a new one for me! – and his teen trait is music lover.


Could be worse, but we need to get rid of the sweater.


Ben Jr. is sporting a nice look!


There’s Billie with both of her kids. And I like how Alyson looks now.


Marina with the girls.


Alyson with her sister Ashlynn.

Just a bronze level party again, because… apparently I have another bug. No service sims show up in my game, except the Maid – she’s there now and then. I can’t hire a barkeeper or a entertainer or whoever. It says there’s already one hired, but they don’t show up. That’s all kinds of annoying.


Gave Bogdan a different hairstyle. I like him a lot more than Aleksej, somehow.


I tried updating MC though I don’t think there actually was an update I missed. But who knows. One of the modules had a different date than the ones I had. Anyway. Bogdan is looking good.

Let’s go visit some party.


Party ended up overrun with a lot of ghosts very soon. I need to do something with MC settings to prevent this from happening. Maybe cull all the non-family ghosts. I already flagged our household ghosts to Never Cull. We don’t need all the other ghosts, after all. We barely knew them.


This turned out to be a masterpiece.

Updating MCCC changed something, by the way. It says, Abbie is 105 days old. But she was up to 122 prior to the update.

Let’s just say, Abbie is still weirdly immortal.


We went to the pool. Apparently, it’s buggy too. Some floor tiles have disappeared and when I attempt to replace them, other floor tiles disappear. I had this bug on the home lot for a while, I have no idea what causes it.


Demario still got it! But service sims still don’t work, I hired a mixologist right from the start and they didn’t show up.


Danny is making friends with weird hairdo’s.


We’re in a cafe later, working on Danny’s aspiration of introducing himself to 10 different sims. He brought his mother along!


I saw some newly generated Sims. I will check them in Household Management next time I play the game, maybe make some family members for them or do some makeovers.


5 comments on “3.19: meet Bennett Jr

  1. cathytea says:

    I’ve had that weird lag glitch before ! Cleaning out personal inventories helped, as did doing a Save As…


  2. fabtiffsim says:

    I love that house! Did you build that?


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