3.20: Danny’s parties

I’m itching to rebuild the house even more now. It feels constricting, the layout doesn’t feel right to me anymore. It is not terrible! It did a good job in the beginning, when the family consisted of 4 or 5 sims. But it feels small now. Confining. There is a lot of unused land on the plot, so there is room to expand.

But. I will wait until Bogdan is YA. I made this plan and I will stick to it.

Sveta completed her Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration. That means she completed three aspirations: Master Chef & Mixologist and now the Wealthy thing. Because I didn’t have any other idea, I chose Freelance Botanist as the next thing. The garden DOES need some attention.


We’re having a yard sale again. Alyson: Come and buy all those dragon figurines.


I wasn’t very excited about Alyson at first, but I have really warmed up to her. The new hairstyle suits her.


Later in the evening, a kid I never saw or heard of – Blakely Jackson – before entered the lot. She entered the house with great determination.


Without stopping for anything, she gathered the perpetually dirty dishes from the table and loaded the dishwasher. Alyson watched her a bit dumbfounded.


“Hello there, little one”, she greeted the girl after a moment of not knowing what to think about her. The girl sat at the table.


“I like this music”, she answered.


Alyson didn’t know if the girl was a friend of Danny or Ben’s. She never saw her before. “Do you need a place to sleep”, she asked cautiously. After all, it was already full dark outside. Not a good time for a little girl to be alone.


“Oh, I just like to clean up things. It makes me happy when everything is in order”, the girl said as if it was a normal thing to come into a strange home and tidy up.


“My parents moved here just now”, the girl continued.


“Do you know the address? We could call them and get you home safely.”

At this moment, I got curious.

Blakely is part of a 4-Sim household. I guess they were generated because I upped the limit on homeless sims, I wanted to get some fresh blood into town. She has a teenager brother, and her father has luxurious blue hair. Blakely’s trait is Gloomy.

Well, she can stay around as long as she likes to!

Some time later, after I got lost in CAS looking at all the townies, Bogdan is planning a spooky party at a bar. Why? I never had a spooky party before.


By the way, the girl in the maid costume is Alaina, Marina’s daughter. She’s really cute. Sadly she’s family, so can’t be spouse material.


The barkeeper, Stacy Tracy, is an alien. I saw it in my CAS tour.


I got Leonid to play guitar for the crowd. They gave him lots of money.


Well, she got a slight case of giraffe neck, but otherwise, Alaina grew up pretty.


I’m aggressively in love with Silvia. She’s halfway through teen stage. I thought to put Leonid on her, but the age difference is a slight problem. Maybe she’s the one for Bogdan? I am a bit hesitant to choose an Insane Sim as my heir spouse, but… why the heck not? She’s the prettiest girl around.


Grim came by and gave Leo a tip. “There’s more where that came from”. I wonder where he got the money.

Alyson needs to talk with him about Grilled Cheese, so I get Alyson and let her introduce herself.


Alyson: Say cheese!

Thus, she completed the Grilled Cheese aspiration! What’s next? She’s an astronaut, so Nerd Brain is not a bad choice. Nerd Brain it is!


The party is a blast and we get a gold medal. One down, two do go.

I just decided that I want to try and get Anvi for Leonid and Silvia for Bogdan. Anvi is the same age as Leonid, and Silvia doesn’t have a big age difference with Bogdan. She’s a few days older, but it will level out when she’s pregnant.


I made Sveta and Demario retire. They’ve worked enough in their life. Both of them reached the tops of their careers.

There’s still time left of this Sunday, so let’s try a house party! Weirdly enough, this time Alyson showed up as eligible to be a caterer.


There had been lagging. And cake. And we got a silver medal. I never made gold at a house party yet.


After the party, everybody is tired and  goes to bed. Ben Jr. is left to clean up the mess. He’s not amused.


One rare moment where the whole household is asleep. I feel kind of sorry for Lara, having to go to bed alone after spending her entire life with Bennett.


In the morning, Sergej’s ghost comes to have a piece of cake together with Sveta and Alyson. And we get the notice that Sveta and Demario don’t have long and should get their affairs in order.


Maybe there’s a reason Sergej came to visit. Or he was just there for the cake. Who knows.



And then I remember that I wanted Lara to be a scientist, at first. Or an Astronaut. She was neither. She was an Artist, and if you take Scientist and Astronaut and scramble the letters a bit, you can get Artist out of that, so maybe she was both, in spirit.

She goes for her first rocket ride and comes back safely. She needs to go to space a few more times for her aspiration.


Demario and Sveta spend their time together, talking, hugging, and just being. They seem to be happy.


Lara and Alyson talk about household finances.


The household has a strange visitor again: Regan Noonan. She reminds me of Shannon in Cathy’s Whisper.


I think, Regan was very beautiful in her youth. She still is.



One comment on “3.20: Danny’s parties

  1. cathytea says:

    Such interesting Sims ! Blakely is quite confident marching right in to wash dishes !


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