3.21: romance in the air

I’m still sick at home. It’s not fun: I have massive headaches and dizzy spells. Probably iron and/or D3 deficiency. I already got supplements but they need a few days to kick in.

I’m still crawling around through household management. I don’t know what sparked my interest in it again, I’ve been leaving it alone for three generations. Oh well. Is it cheating? I don’t think so. And when I’m creating new family members using genetics, I always randomize their traits.

I also updated the Plum Tree.

So, it’s Monday in the game. It’s evening, and the kids have school tomorrow, but the Maker invented Sleep Replacement potions, so we’re raiding the Vivance Bar again. The spooky party went so good the last time, we’re having another.

There are 2 things on Danny’s mind that I noticed.



I did not, at any point, direct a romantic interaction at anyone with Bogdan. But they have a romance bar. It must have been autonomous. So… probably meant to be? Let’s find out.


Nice setup. He’s totally checking her out.


Since no mixologist showed up again, I got Sveta to be our own bar fairy. And I can’t get over how beautiful Silvia is.


Even when she makes that face.


Liliana is also really cute in her pirate costume, but she looks too much like Lara to me.


The party was a gold medal again. Danny completed the stage of his aspiration. But the next step is not much better: we have to throw three more parties and attent 5 different social events.


Just the family being together in the evening.


The new house needs to have an art gallery room where all the paintings of the family members are on display.

The Geek con is in town. I never been to Geek con. I think Anvi, my number one candidate for Leonid, is a Geek. Why not go there and look if she will join him?


Anvi arrives at the scene feeling flirty. Not a bad sign!


I don’t think that’s a good moment to be showing your ass off, girl. He’s more interested in what’s happening on screen.


There’s one Kabir Srivastava. Maybe it’s Anvi’s lost father? He’s not related to her ingame, but who knows…

After the festival Leonid invites Anvi to the Stargazer Lounge. Maybe he has a chance, after all.


I guess, the ice has been broken.




I know this lady! That’s our Marina!

Several things happened then.


I accidentally got Lara onto the lot and couldn’t send her home because of the ongoing social event thing. Lara got herself a cupid juice from the bar and started randomly flirting with the folks.


Meanwhile, Anvi was sending mixed signals. She embraced Leonid, but when he replied with a romantic interaction, she backed off again. That went on for some time.


Lara was enjoying the atmosphere and her freedom and was chatting up the gentlemen at the bar. They didn’t seem to mind, though.


Finally Anvi gave Leo a rose, nevermind that they were watched by some old person. Things went into the right direction then.



Still only got a silver medal for the date. I don’t care. It was partly successful.


In the end, it looked like an old folk party at the bar. Maybe Lara just wants to have a second chance at romance. Why not? Sergej had one too. It got us a weirdly immortal resident writer.


I’m not sure if I should do that.


Danny and Demario have men talks in the basement lab.


Sveta took to sleeping in Lara’s bed, even though I have claimed her own bed multiple times. Maybe she doesn’t want her sister to feel lonely.


Bennett appeared to his son.


I don’t know if all these patterns are there or I’m just seeing them because I want to see them. I got the notification that Sveta and Demario won’t live long. Their life bar started sparkling. Sveta woke up and ran across the entire lot to ask Bennett about how being dead felt like.


I’m not sure what he told her.


Demario had the wish to flirt with Sveta, so I helped him a bit.


I guess, this is the ‘old couples’ look.


I don’t know. I am hesitant… but on the other hand, why not?







Well, that was sweet. I think that’s Nestor’s and Tiana’s father. Tiana was the green fairy at the last spooky party.


Look who’s there taking a walk!

Back home, Leonid is sitting alone at the small bar feeling flirty, so I’ll schedule a date at the home lot.


That’s a good start.


Oh yes, the famous rocket of love. Or something.


Of course, only because there is a guy in love, the family life doesn’t stop happening. Aleksej got a promotion and a new suit.


The living room and this table has seen a lot of family moments. We got it when Lara was a kid. In fact, we got most everything when Lara was a kid.



This handsome fellow is Coty Xu. He’s son of Chantel and Winston. Chantel was one of the most beautiful Sims my game generated. She  died of old age though.


Coty is not amused by whatever Ben is telling him.


Sveta’s and Demario’s love knows no bounds. Maybe they’re feeling their life is coming to an end? They’re constantly rolling romantic interactions towards each other.


Among all of these random visitors and other shenanigans it’s kind of hard to have a romantic conversation if you’re not as good at it as Sveta and Demario.

I went and gave Marina a different hat and longer hair to reflect her age. She’s still beautiful, though.



Our two lovebirds have managed to find a quiet corner after all.


Leonid looks tired, but happy. It was a gold level date. I think, next time we will invite Anvi into the household.


Marina is very beautiful with her new looks.


Anvi happens to be still around – Leonid is in bed sleeping. She’s doing the dishes like a responsible future household member. Things are good.

I will end this chapter here, though there’s probably one more coming today. The game is a lot of fun for me right now. I have to go make food and do other adult person things first.


One comment on “3.21: romance in the air

  1. cathytea says:

    Hope you get well soon ! And the game seems amazing with all those beautiful Sims and their rich lives! I remember reading that it’s not considered cheating to go into household management , even to generate kids .


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