3.22: goodbye Demario

I deleted a couple of CC from the game. Mostly accessories I think. I didn’t like them. I hope I found the right ones.

Looking through the neighborhood, I found out that Nikolai’s kids grew up. Let’s take a look.


Tamara looks very special. I like her.


Zacharij inherited Demario’s weird body shape and very thin arms. He’s not my favourite. But Tamara is awesome.

Zacharij has the Leader of the Pack aspiration and his traits are Insane and Goofball. Tamara has the Soulmate aspiration and her traits are Insider and Self-Assuring. Way to go, kids.

I kind of want Nikolai and Billie to have more kids to see if they would look different. Let’s do this. There is an option in MC to start a pregnancy.


Bogdan is hitting the nightclubs again. Billie and Nikolai are there too.


They’re not really my Sims anymore, they don’t live in my household, but I am so happy to see them every time. They’re still going strong, even if they’re such an unlikely couple! They’re so full of opposites. But sometimes, opposites attract.


When Danny gets back home, everything seems to be peaceful at first. Demario is dancing in the living room. But then a sharp note tears through the usual household noises.





Goodbye, Demario. You will be missed.

After the deed, Grim sits down to have a chat with Alyson. They are kind of buddies since that Spooky Party.


Alyson wasn’t related to Demario, nor did she have a particularly good relationship with him, but witnessing death of a household member is a grim experience for everybody.


Weirdly enough, she doesn’t have the sad moodlet after Grim leaves. She’s in a playful mood. Maybe Grim took her sadness away? Maybe it has benefits to be friends with Death?


Everybody deals with death differently. Lara is trying to chat with somebody in formerly Nikolai’s – now Leonid’s room, but constantly breaks into crying.


Sveta is trying to let herself be consoled by Alyson, but losing the love of her life isn’t a thing she can brush off easily.


Abbie is sleeping on the graveyard bench. I never saw anyone on that bench. In fact, nobody comes to the graveyard except Aleksej, who comes to mourn Sergej or lately Bennett. I don’t know what that means. Abbie is probably older than the entire household combined. Maybe she is tired of living, but being immortal, she can’t die. The cow plant spits her out and a rocket crash leaves her in need of a shower.

Leonid sent a sad text to Anvi, and she’s inviting him over to cheer him up. He’s certainly in need of cheering up, so we’ll take this opportunity.


Leo: I’m sorry, Anvi. My grandfather just died.


Anvi is feeling flirty and tries to save the day by telling a joke.


When that doesn’t help, she tries to get him in the mood by kissing him.


…and offering him dessert. He’s still too sad to do anything. He also has to work soon and is tired, so he heads back home. Sorry, Anvi.


Sveta is so forlorn, it’s heart wrecking.


Sveta: Can I sleep in your bed tonight?



Anvi came over, but Leo’s at work. Danny’s here, drinking sleep replacement, pondering on where to go for a party.

Let’s go to the ruins.



Hello there, beautiful. Her second trait is Kleptomaniac. She’s an insane thief. I’m still in love with her.

As our next gig, we’re having a house party in the mansion across the street, because why not? This time, Alyson and Sveta showed up as available caterers. Other roles still don’t show.


Bernardo is standing there like: Kids, don’t ruin my house. Oh well. We’ll give our best.

Now I’m going to bed. Rest of the party tomorrow.



One comment on “3.22: goodbye Demario

  1. cathytea says:

    Condolences on Demario . Sad to see everyone so sad…

    That photo of Demario in the spot of sunlight was amazing.


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