3.23: danny’s parties, part deux

We stopped at having a party at Marina’s place.



Tamara looks like Billie without the head scarf.


And Danny’s favourite drink is a protein shake. Who would have known.

I also found out there is no fridge in Marina’s house. I have to go into build mode and place one. The party was just a bronze medal. So we have to throw three more parties for Danny to get his silver medals…

And there are a few other sims in the world who apparently do not age. Tracy Kendall, the blonde lady in the above screenshot is one of them, she’s been around forever and she’s still a YA. MCCC shows her as YA 0/20. I have never encountered this bug before. Do we have an epidemic of immortals?


On the next day, Leonid seems to have made a decision to stop being sad. He woke up and went down to the lab to give his mother a hug. Then he called Anvi and asked her to come over.


“When the rain has passed, you can see the rainbow”, he told her. “I’s been you the whole time. I just didn’t see you through all those clouds. I’m sorry I’ve been so out of it the last time we met. I’ll make it up to you.”





“Imagine if this was a game”, Anvi said after a while. Games were her passion, just as music was his. “He has reached the next level. It’s a great achievement. You should let him go.”

“Come here”, Leonid said. “I’ll never let you go.”






Now, where were we?


Abbie is telling Anvi about her Rocket crash or something.


Later, Leonid is so full of feelings that he has to let them out somehow. He takes his guitar to the cowplant and plays a song for it. The cowplant listens attentively.


Until Anvi finds him and adds some more to his feelings. I so love seeing them do this autonomously.

By the way, I found the reason for Abbie’s immortality. It’s explained here.  After I entered the given commands, her age bar is actually moving again.


So, Abbie still had a very, very long life. She’s probably like, 160 years old now. But now she will die eventually.

We’ll have a wedding party soon. It will probably count for Danny’s aspiration. And there will be babies. Technically, they will be Gen4 spares, just like Ben Jr, because Leonid is Gen3. And think about this: when Danny has babies, they will be Gen5. That means, we will be halfway through this thing.


I don’t even know why we still kept the girls room after Marina moved out, but the kids like to hang out there.


That’s kind of random. I haven’t included screenshots of sims doing mundane things for a while now. Living in a legacy house, you have to have many talents. The plumbing is old as crap and probably breaks down a lot…


Another random thing: Lara brought an Alien from space. It’s got a water bottle. How does it drink from it? Does it use its eyes?

It’s Friday evening, or possibly very early Saturday morning, and Danny is ready for more partying.

We didn’t do a weenie roast yet. Let’s try it out.





It got really crowded in the end, but we made a gold medal and nothing caught fire.


Afterwards, Danny got a chance to talk to Silvia alone.


And Sveta made friends with the local youth and even smiled a bit.


Eventually, the whole family came over.


Abbie  helped Ben Jr. with homework. They both wore their pyjamas, but who cares. At this point, the park is basically their backyard.


Silvia came and hugged Danny. I’m so happy about that.


Leonid gathered quite a crowd. I’m not sure why some of them are reading books. Maybe they’re sing-along books.

The family went back home in the afternoon. I noticed that Aleksej has reached the end of his adult life stage and would have his elder birthday today, but we’re not there yet, so he and Alyson will be getting their youth potion.


They’ll be able to see their grandkids grow up.


A while later I noticed Silvia sleeping in the hot tub. Oh well… By the way, do dates count for the party aspiration? Let’s find out.


Now that’s not suspicious at all, Danny.


Danny: Do you want to, uh, go for a drink or something?

There’s a bar behind your back, Danny. You could have a drink right there. But I know. Family watching you and all that. I understand. The pressure of being a heir and so on…


Of course, a thing to do on a first date is to watch funny cat videos on the internet. Totally respectable.




I love Silvia so much, she’s so expressive. She’s not easy to court, though. Her moods change from flirty to angry to embarassed to inspired to flirty again. I guess, that’s from being insane.


The singer is Annika Anand. She’s immortal as well. She’s been around since Sergej and she’s still a YA. She’s probably a vampire, just as Kacy or Tracy Kendall. I forget the name all the time.


Oh would you look at that.



I don’t know which couple is cuter: Danny and Silvia or Leo and Anvi. They’re adorable, all of them.

We only got a silver medal. And: a date is not a party for the aspiration counter. Pity.


It’s Sunday. Aleksej looks half asleep. His younger brother is grossly happy. Men in love are like hyperactive puppies.


I didn’t expect this. We had the mural space sitting there forever. Nobody ever cared. But apparently Sveta is out of her grief now.

The entire family is happy, their needs are full, they don’t need to go to work. There’s gonna be a wedding!


A red dress? Why not.


I must say, this wedding has been awesome. Everybody came in, greeted each other, everybody was polite, there was no mess, nobody got angry, nobody set anything on fire. It was absolutely great.



Nikolai was very sweet with his mother.


Alyson forgot to change.





Absolutely everybody came to watch.


Just as the ceremony was over, Bernardo went to renew his promise for Marina.


And Alyson did the same to Aleksej, being reminded of her own wedding ceremony in this exact same place.


So… Meet Anvi. She’s got the Leader of the Pack aspiration, which should be an easy thing to do, we have enough clubs in our possession by now. She’s lazy, and a geek. And a Kleptomaniac. If we count Silvia, that’s three of them now. There’s a shift from the generation of cooks to a generation of thieves. I can deal with that. She also has the Spice Hound trait.


The women seem to judge Nikolai out of reasons not known to me.


Of course there is cake.


And drinks made by our own retired Celebrity Mixologist.


Silvia aged up to YA, so Danny needs to hold the flirting until his own birthday. We’ve got a gold medal, but weddings don’t seem to count for Danny’s party meter.

Anyway, that’s it for today!


One comment on “3.23: danny’s parties, part deux

  1. cathytea says:

    Lovely wedding ! It’s such a relief when grief passes!


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