3.24: stories

I have started reading Maladi’s legacy, the Heffners, and I enjoyed it immensely. So well written! That makes me miss writing stories, ‘real’ stories like the McGregors and the Martells. But I don’t want to leave my Desert Ravens yet. I have already begun weaving some in-character text into the last few chapters. I will try to do that more.

For now, we have to clean up the wedding mess.

Let’s see what the folks are up to.

Lara is gone to paint some Impressionism.


Alyson is sitting in front of the rocket with a glass. Yup. She’s been in there with Aleksej. You’re married for 20 years or something, you’re not allowed to do fun things in the rocket.


Aleksej is in the bathtub, looking smug.


Leo just got a ball on his head. Leo, you’ve been married for an hour. You should go and do fun things in the rocket with your wife, not fail at basketball.


Danny is standing in the living room in his swimwear, looking as if he’s expecting someone. Mind you, even if Silvia is still on the lot somewhere, you will get none until your birthday.


Anvi and Sveta are having a chat in  the yard. Since both are feeling flirty, I don’t think the bed stands for sleeping. They’re probably exchanging dirty secrets.


The boys are bonding over motorcycles and glowbugs. Ben Jr. is doing great despite his evil trait and being not a ‘real’ Voronov. His evil trait does make it difficult to progress with his social aspiration though.


Leo, stop working out and take care of your wife.


What, in there?




You’re supposed to wear your heart on your sleeve, not on your pants.

Since I’m kind of set on completing Danny’s parties before his birthday, we’re off to sit at the campfire in the middle of the night again.


Less crowded this time.

It’s just a silver medal, but I ended this one early. Danny won’t be going to school again, his birthday is in 2 days, and we need to work on those parties…


We’re having a house party and a club gathering and Marina showed up as caterer. So… the game chose to work again. Let’s see how long that holds up.

It was lagging like crazy through the entire party, I broke it off after we made it to silver, but it didn’t count as the right party for Danny… It’s really buggy, I guess.

By the way, Billie got another girl!

Is it cheating to reset the ages of my extended family back to start of adult? If they had stayed in my household, they would have gotten youth potion… so I guess, it’s in a grey area. I don’t want them to get old sooner than household members.

I made a break at this point to read the Heffners. I made it to the end. Well. To the end of the available chapters. There is now a big void in my heart where Beryl has been. Oops. Is it spoilers? Okay, I’ll stop. Let’s get back to the Voronovs.


I stumbled upon this scene in the art room. I have no idea what’s going on there, but I think Lara has some sort of an emotional breakdown and her sister and her grandson are witnessing it.

Lara always seems so cheerful, so happy. (Even after I installed the less smiling and the persistent emotion mods.) But it must be difficult for her at times. Due to her achievements, she will be around a little bit longer. But it means to witness death of her beloved family members. First, her mother. Then her father. Then her husband. Then the husband of her sister. And I am afraid, Grim will be coming for Sveta sooner than later. I think, sometimes the cheerfulness crumbles.


“The rain will pass one day, dear”, Sveta tells her and she smiles again.


A while later, Ben Jr. befriends Anvi. She tells him that she loves games most of all in the world and that’s okay, even as an adult. They play don’t wake the Llama for a little bit.

I am frustrated by the lag in my game. I don’t know what causes it. Maybe some mods. I don’t know which though. And I am too lazy to turn them all off and look for the culprit. I guess I will have to deal with the lag… I do have a slight hope though, that rebuilding the lot might make it better. I had a similar thing in a different save.

We’re in the Vivance bar, having a spooky party again, because those are pretty easy. I hope this one will count for Danny’s party tracker.


Is there some specific reason why most of the guests arrive needing the toilet? It’s the case with the other gatherings too…


We have two green fairies… isn’t wearing the same costume the recipe for a fight? Or at least a vaguely dislike for the other party?


Marina’s daughter is very cute. “I heard you’ll be moving in soon”, she tells to Silvia.


That’s Corey Bheeda. His father Neelesh is Aleksej’s best friend. We will try to hook him up with Marina’s daughter. Why? Why not.


Cute, but didn’t go the way we planned. Alaina didn’t feel like accepting Corey’s affections.

We made a gold medal, but it STILL didn’t count for Danny’s aspiration tracker. We had a date, a wedding, a weenie roast, a house party… and it didn’t count for his aspiration, it’s still on 2/3. I hereby proclaim that it is bugged and use a cheat to skip this step.

I get Anvi a job in the Tech Guru career, since it involves playing games, and she loves playing games. We will buy one of those gaming consoles when we rebuild the house.


Then we have an unsuccessful yard sale.

And that’s it for today.


2 comments on “3.24: stories

  1. sulsulsimlit says:

    I hate it when my game gets laggy, especially during events. It makes getting the medals so much harder. Do you have online features turned off? Someone in the forums said turning them off helps get rid of lag; it seems to have helped mine.
    I feel for Lara. So much loss, and it’s inevitable that there will be more. Hopefully someone else in the family will take on the role of Lara’s emotional support once Sveta is gone.


    • I haven’t tried turning online features off, I will certainly try it next time!

      Lara is one of my favourite sims up to date. She was perfect from the beginning. And her relationship with her sister is pure gold. They always spend time together, hugging, talking to each other, being there for each other. I never direct them to do any of these actions. I pretty much leave my sims alone, I only direct them to do skilling actions needed for the aspirations or career progress. I love to see social situations take place autonomously.

      Aging is kind of weird in the sims. Sveta is the younger sister, but I’m pretty sure she will die before Lara, because Lara has the bodybuilder reward. Sergej lived to be ancient with it, and my founder from my first legacy (I got to gen 4 with it too) was super ancient.


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