3.25: last of three


I’m going back to work tomorrow again, even if I still feel like a huge steaming pile of crap with those headache and the dizzy spells, but if my body fails on me I can always count on help from my co-driver so I’ll be fine.

I’m in the process of reading the Bloomer legacy right now and I must say, I like the narrative style a lot. I might steal a bit of that for myself… but don’t we all do that? Inspiration is just a pot of all kinds of ideas and things that have been done by other people and sometimes you reach into the soup and find something that makes you happy, and that’s how life works.

I don’t have much time to play today. Just an hour before I head to bed. As always, I don’t have any idea what the household is up to. I swear, every time I close the game and start it up again, things aren’t what they were. They must lead a secret life somewhere in digital limbo.

There are birthdays coming up: the obvious one is Danny. But Ben Jr, our evil adopted son, is turning a teenager soon. Unfortunately he didn’t complete his aspiration and I doubt that he will make it. It’s pretty hard for him to form friendships, being evil and possibly neglected in his early years.

So, what’s generally happening?


Lara shakes Anvi’s hand. I didn’t know they coulddo that. Anvi is visibly pregnant by now. Aleksej just came from work, looking like quite the businessman. He’s putting on weight again.


We meet Bennett’s ghost in the living room. Lara is overjoyed to see him. She missed his cooking, among other things.



Lara goes to bed after that. Both their bars are still full. I guess, Bennett is still the one and only for her, even if she had that one date with Ahmad or what’s his name was.

Everybody is kind of asleep or will be soon. Birthdays are coming up in one day. So I guess, I’ll cut this short and continue tomorrow after work.


Work day was long and tedious, and my headaches are worse, and I’ve been at a series of doctors today. Not much time for playing left in the day! But I read a lot of the Bloomers while waiting at the doctors.

The boy’s birthday is coming up. After that, I’ll probably stop playing actively for a few days. I will be actively building.

Also I really want to start a Build Newcrest thing, because building became kind of fun, and I want to try a different narrative. But we’re almost halfway through the legacy, so I will stick with the folks for a while.


The boys are having an early breakfast while there rest of the household is asleep. It’s Saturday. 7 am.


There probably is a reason for that, since it’s Saturday, 7 am. Well, why the heck not.


Well, there is a DJ, and there are the usual folks, and Demario’s ghost. Demario never been the party goer in his life… I guess he wants to try out things he missed out on in his afterlife.

The DJ leaves after a few minutes though. The party is a bust, I guess. I cancel the event. At least it counted for Danny’s party tracker.


Another house party was absolutely no success, mostly due to lag. I still have no idea what breaks my game.

I turned off online features for the time being but I don’t know if it makes any difference.


After bugging his mother to play guitar for a while, Leonid completes his Musical Genius aspiration.

I’m pretty much letting them do whatever now, waiting for the birthday to come up.



With one final effort at public speaking, Aleksej completed his Friend of the World aspiration. Since I wasn’t feeling like concentrating on another one, I took the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration again. It’s like a freebie at this point.


Look at my secret underground stash. Yes, those are cow plant potions on the right. It munches on Sims every now and then. I wonder nobody died yet. I’ve got friendly cow plants I guess…

In preparation of the party, I tried to put multiple tables together to sit more than 8 Sims. Let’s see if they actually get together at one table.

Sveta and Lara made a cake each. Sveta is the last of our Generations of Cooks. I need to train another cook, because after she dies, we’re back to eating grilled cheese and autumn salad if nobody steps up. Maybe Silvia, the new Lady of the House, will be feeling up for it… if the voices don’t distract her too much.


Waiting for the guests to arrive…


Anvi telling her mother Seema she’s pregnant… in case it’s not visible.


No idea where everyone is because my game is still lagging like nothing good. Nikolai is here, waiting patiently for the cake, staring at it longingly.


Meet: The Guests, Standing Like Zombies In Front Of The Cake In The Kitchen Because The Game is Lagging.

Also meet: Ben Jr, sneaking to the other cake.


Bogdan’s final trait is Neat. That’s the first Neat Sim in the household. I am doing a happy dance in my mind.

Ben Juniors Teen Trait is Self-Assured. Just like the original Bennett! And his adult aspiration is… *drumroll* Mansion Baron.

He’ll be staying in the household for a while, I guess he’ll get the chance to complete his aspiration during the remodelling.


Ben, why are you wearing that crop top?


The zombie mode resolved itself.


Danny is standing there, watching the gathering. He’s smiling. Maybe he’s proud. Maybe he’s already plotting the new house in his mind.

It was, again, just a bronze medal due to lag. But nevemind. We have reached a huge milestone.

Maybe I will delete a few mods prior to rebuilding.



Ben Junior, before makeover.


Ben Junior, after makeover. Hello, handsome. He cleans up nicely. Very nicely.


I am very curious about his future life. What will he do, being an evil mansion baron? Will he find a girlfriend? What will his job be? So many questions…

Anyway, here’s the lot as it is now… I will be storing away all the family treasures, paintings and memorable objects, and selling everything else. Basically starting from scratch. Some things will stay… some will find a new place… and some will disappear entirely.


This has been the third generation of the Voronov Family. Expect there to be changes as Danny takes over. Many changes.

Let’s start with Danny.



2 comments on “3.25: last of three

  1. sulsulsimlit says:

    Hooray for the next generation! Danny looks well prepared. I’m looking forward to the house remodel-I bet Danny has lots of great ideas.
    Ben Jr. grew up *very* well. I had my doubts after the crop top, but congrats on bringing out his full potential 😛


  2. cathytea says:

    Yay for changes and new generations !


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