TS3 ISBI 1.6: School

I spent three hours trying to built a new house but discovered that I can’t afford it and still have basic furniture so I rolled back to a previous save, so nothing has changed.

Maggie is having her birthday today. I don’t even think she’s potty trained, by the way. In my rebuild house try she aged up to be Mean Spirited. Let’s see if it happens again.



Maggie: My father is an idiot.

She grew up Over-Emotional. So she’s Excitable, Over-Emotional and Clumsy. I can sense the madness level rising very soon. What’s up with that hair, though?

Also I’ve been getting a lot of script errors with random sims lately.

From now on, my narrative will be probably more disjointed, because I am tired of writing everything that happens down. I will only write down the interesting parts. With a single sim, it’s easy to write everything, but when the household grows, it gets tedious.


Carie: I was looking for something, but I forgot.


Carie: Could have been outside.


In there? Oh well. Do what you have to do.


Maggie is cute from certain angles. Lane is trying to be a father by reading her a bedtime story.

Let’s go meet some people.

I think the new mailman is crazy. Her name is Jane.



The ever popular self-strangulation.


What’s wrong with this picture? Several things, probably.


This one, too.


The love inspector said their Love was Mild.


But at least they don’t forget their baby in the park. There have been worse couples.

Maggie is a surprisingly well-adjusted kid. She showers, eats, puts leftovers in the fridge and puts way her toys.

No fails so far. Not a single one. I don’t know if I should be glad or disappointed. We have a positive score of 5.


Lane is telling a ghost story to himself.


Maggie: Yup, it’s a treehouse.


Maggie: Gonna play computer games instead.

More of the usual stuff happened. Nothing exciting. I got rid of the living chair and squeezed a chemistry lab and an easel in the living room. Carie might or might not be pregnant again. We’ll find out sometime.

Lane got out of bed in the middle of night to play Water Balloon with Maggie.


As the result, he goes to work tired and hungry.


Maggie goes to school in need of a shower. Not a very good impression on the first day.


Carie looks very science-y.


The asterix I feel the need to show that I haven’t played this for… let’s see… over two weeks. I have mostly no idea what’s going on, but I need to distract myself from TS4 and its toddlers because I’m waiting for MC Command Center to update and also I’m still building the house and it’s not done yet and I can’t see it anymore.


Multiple things are going on around here. The pink burrito is sparkling, which means, we’re getting a toddler to crawl around the house. Carie feels that the house is dirty – as always. And Maggie is sitting down to do her first homework.


Our new Toddler Tinamou – Tina for short – doesn’t have hair.


A scene of domestic bliss. Meanwhile, Lane is sleeping.


Tina: Every plan of world domination starts with a good meal.


Homework. It’s hard.


Say: Television. It’s very important.


Maggie. She sleeps in the tree house, does her homework and the dishes. Are ISBI children supposed to function like that?


That’s Terry Sekemoto. She’s apparently a school friend of Maggie’s. She likes doing homework too.


I’ve been getting constant script errors about everybody in town. I don’t know what’s wrong with this save.

When Maggie grows up, we will move to a different town, I think. Maybe the one from Pets Expansion.


Tina discovered the creepy doll.


The queen is hungry.


This family is so normal.


She now has 3 wishes for a child: to have a baby, to have a boy, and to have a child with Lane. I guess we need to make an effort.


Maggie is in her own bed for the first time, and Lane wants to read her a bedtime story.

Pretty much nothing happens the next 2 days. Carie gets Lane into the the shower and tries to get pregnant. Maggie sleeps in the tree house again. Tina is spending all her time with the creepy doll. It’s name is Boinky.

It’s Summer Festival and Leisure day, so we’ll go visit it.

As soon as we get there, Carie runs to the toilet to puke. I guess trying to get pregnant actually worked this time.


Lane doesn’t care. Lane has found a soccer ball.


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