4.4: Moving

“You can’t be back yet”, Danny said, bewildered. “Everything’s not finished.”

“Looks good enough to me, at least from the outside”, his uncle Leonid retorted. “We had to go back. Look who’s here.”

Danny watched Anvi carry her newborn son into the house.

The construction company has fulfilled their obligations by working fast and efficiently. It had been a pleasure dealing with them. The gardeners were pretty awesome too. And the plumbers had done a great job. So the outside was pretty much finished in his eyes. And the bathrooms too. It’s just took Danny so long to figure out what went where regarding the furniture that he didn’t make any real progress. Everything except the kitchen and the bathrooms was a mess.

After he cautiously shared his misgivings with Leonid, his uncle just laughed. “You know, you have done a great thing here, but you got it all wrong in the end. You just should have called. We don’t have to stay away, you know? We can help you. And we should. It’s our home, after all.”

And so Leonid took his phone and called his mother. “It’s looking great, mom. You should come back. All of you. There’s furniture to be moved. What? Oh, it’s a boy We called him Vladislav. He can decide if he wants to be called Vlad or Slava when he’s older.”

On the next day, everybody came back to join in the unpacking and furnishing. The following two weeks were busy for everyone except little Vladislav. He had no idea what was going on around him. All he did was sleep and eat and sometimes look at the world with big eyes.


Anvi turned out to be a loving mother, even if she sometimes preferred to play video games instead of watching her son – but in a big family like that there was always somebody to take care of this.

Not everybody was glad with the reconstruction. It felt like moving, and some family members hated moving – even if they haven’t experienced before.


There had been moments where Aleksej ran out of the house to look for his son and complain to him, no matter where he was or what he was doing right now. “All my files are in disarray. How am I going to do my work if I can’t find my files?”


The family garden was moved to the rooftop to save space. It was quite an adjustment for Sveta to get used to. All these stairs were hard on her old joints, but she didn’t complain.


And some of the newly ordered plants definitely needed some pruning. Lara spent a lot of time with this occupation – after she oversaw the unpacking and hanging of her family portraits.


Of course, the new kitchen took a while to get used to, but it was bigger then the old one, and in the mornings, where most of the family was pretty much minding their own business, there seemed to be more personal space for everybody.


It had top of the line appliances though, and sometimes members of the extended family could be found trying out some new recipes.

Life continued, and things slowly started to resemble some sort of normalcy. Until it didn’t.





Lara could not believe her eyes. She could not believe what was happening. Her sister, her eldest and best friend, her dear Sveta was lying on the floor, and the Soul Reaper loomed over her, evaluating her life.


She had to push her shocked family aside to clear way to the Soul Reaper, to fall to her knees in front of him and plead for her sister’s life. Just a few more days to enjoy the new house, to watch her little grandson grow up.


The Reaper didn’t say a word. He moved away and left Lara standing there. She felt as if her own soul was torn out of her body. Nothing mattered anymore. Her little sister was leaving this world.


But then something happened. There was a bright flash of light, and Sveta’s body was rising to an upward position. She opened her eyes. She was alive!

The Soul Reaper had honored Lara’s plea! He had granted Sveta a little more time among her family.


Lara rushed past him to take Sveta in her arms.


But for one moment there, Sveta didn’t share Lara’s joy. “I saw him, dear, I saw Demario. I could almost touch him.” She made a motion with her hands, as if the ghost of her husband was still there.


Lara was shaken. Suddenly, it didn’t feel like the right thing anymore to want Sveta all for herself. Was it selfish to plead for her life? The Reaper stood behind her, watching silently.

Sveta blinked, slowly realizing what had happened. Then she hugged Lara once more. “It’s alright, dear”, she whispered. “I’ll stay with you for a little bit longer. It’s not like Demario is going anywhere.”


And for a while, everything was good.









Author’s note:

Actually, Sveta died twice in this session, the second being just two ingame hours after the first. Both times Lara pleaded for her life and Sveta was spared. This never happened to me before.


The second scene of Sveta’s death was just as heart breaking as the first. Poor Lara. I guess, third time it’s gonna be for real.


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  1. cathytea says:

    Oh , I’m so emotional . I love those sisters .


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