4.5: Sveta’s final death

I’m still thinking about my favorite narrative style for this. One might think, after 3 generations I could settle on something… but I found I don’t want to. So, when I feel like it, I will go on about whatever I think about right now, and when I feel like it, I will write proper story posts. It’s my legacy, I can do whatever I want. To prevent confusion, I will put my commentary in cursive in mixed posts.

So… what happens next? I guess, Sveta won’t be around for a long time, since she already died twice. And Lara is already older than Sergej was, I think. He died when Aleksej turned YA. Danny has been YA for 4 days now, I think. Danny has to find himself a job, now that the house overhaul is more or less finished. (The bare bones. It’s functional. It’s not finished. It probably never will be finished. That’s the way with legacy houses. It always changes.) And he needs to get back in touch with Silvia and get her to move in with him, because I NEED Danny&Silvia babies like I need air. They will probably be very beautiful.

The next interesting character is Bennett Junior. He’s handsome. And evil. And full of himself. And he’s constantly screaming at his family.  Honestly I have no idea what to do with him. I’ll keep him around until he’s YA and then we’ll see if he’s going to move out.

Speaking of handsome. This is my Maid Francesca’s son, Sam Roe. Isn’t he a sweetie? If anyone wants him in their game, drop me a note, I saved him to my library just in case he gets lost. His aspiration is Soulmate! How was that saying going? Grab him while he’s hot. I think his eyes are CC because I’m using default override. But otherwise he should be good to go.


Speaking of Household Management… There are a few weird households in my game. I think they are immortal. One of them is pretty much the copy of that challenge sim… Was her name Jasmine? I don’t remember. The one who you could call. I think MCCC somehow moved her in. She’s definitely immortal. She was married but her husband died and she’s still a YA and her daughter is an adult. I am slowly coming to terms with having immortal Sims in my game. We’re getting vampires soon. There are probably other immortals around.

I let Seema Srivastava move into the mansion next door. She’s Anvi’s mother, so she’s family of sorts, and she might be getting lonely in San Muyshino, since we only go there for the festivals. I also moved Ashlynn Glenn in there because she’s Alysons sister and is probably feeling lonely too, living in Windenburg all alone. Marina’s house is big enough. By the way, the game crashes when I go into household management and look at the Played Tab. It never did that before the toddler update, and I used to have 13 sims once. I have to be careful with that. If I click on the unplayed tab really fast, I can go into the Management Panel to merge NPC households.

Alright, moving on.

Aaand as soon as I logged on into the household, Sveta died. Again. I won’t make the effort to plead for her life. She got to hold the baby in the last screenshot from the last chapter. It’s good enough for me.


I didn’t get a better screenshot. It was hard to do in the small, crowded room.


After finally collecting Sveta’s soul, Grim went to dance in the living room. Leonid soon joined him. He had the action to teach Grim dancing in his queue.


Danny came to do the same. I guess that’s one way to deal with grief over a family member’s death – Dance with the Reaper.


And have a chat with him while he’s in a playful mood. I don’t judge.

Well, that’s a fairly short update,  but I wanted to get it out of my system. I have my usual night shifts and not much time for playing/writing…


One comment on “4.5: Sveta’s final death

  1. cathytea says:

    Dance with the Reaper ! I might want to move that Son of the Maid into my Vampire story I’m thinking of doing . ..


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