4.7: Silvia

I played the McGregors on TS3 yesterday, but I don’t have enough material to continue the story yet, since I’m not writing about their everyday life, I’m writing about essential, life-changing moments.

But since I somehow physically missed writing while playing, I’m back with my regular update of the Voronov Family. Last time I played, I went into Build Mode for long enough to furnish Danny’s room. It’s upstairs next to kids rooms, because next children will be his, I guess.

But in order to have kids, we need to get Silvia to live with us. Since she’s insane and the Raventree Estate is pretty much a madhouse at times, she should fit right in. I’m not quite sure what kind of insanity she has, but I guess we’ll find out when she’s part of the pack. I was thinking multiple personality disorder, but I don’t know yet.

Here’s Danny’s room.




It’s colorful, but it works for me. I designed it more for Silvia than for Danny. Actually I have no idea what Danny would like. But it works for him too, I guess.

And yes. There’s a toddler bed on the first screenshot. I already planned for Danny’s first baby, you see.


We’re at the local bar. Silvia is thinking about underwear as you can see, and Danny is having all kinds of creative ideas. Silvia is thinking about underwear very often. I wonder what’s the reason behind this.


“It’s like a record is playing in my head most of the time, and I can’t turn it off”, she says. “But sometimes it’s a good one.”


“And then I look at the world, and everything has its own music. It’s like I’m living in a song!”


“Or in a story. I like to imagine what my life would be like if someone wrote a book about it. They say everything has been written already. Do you think there’s a book with my life story?”


“Everything is possible in the universe”, Danny says finally.


“My great-grandfather has been a scientist. He studied things like that.”


“Music is energy in a way. Waves travelling through space. Did you ever hear of cosmic background radiation? In a way, the universe has its own song, so you’re absolutely right.”


Another gold level date. Well, Silvia has been his girlfriend since high school, so it’s absolutely no effort from my side, they do it all on their own.



Silvia: A meteor could hit us any moment! Did it never occur to you? It’s terrible!


Meanwhile, Vladislav is letting his peas fly.


Then we get this message.

It’s kind of weird, you know. Seema is Anvi’s mother. Alaina is Marina’s daughter. Yes, I have moved them in together. But Alaina is roughly Anvi’s age, I think. Or maybe even younger than her. Anyway, there’s an age difference. But at least it stays in the family! I guess it’s fine.


Shortly after, I find these two sleeping in Lara’s bed.


It’s very early morning. Aleksej is drinking coffee, Ben Jr is having cake for breakfast. What did I say about the madhouse?


Later, we have an almost normal breakfast, though. With pancakes.

Anyway, let’s move on. Silvia is now part of the household. She has “the Curator”-Aspiration. Just as Sergej had. She also has a helicopter toy in her inventory. She’s level 3 in Dancing and in Mischief.


Silvia’s mother is Houda Fields. Her Father is Waylon Fields. Waylon remarried after Houda died and had 3 more children. I have no idea who is Albert Field’s mother. She’s not appearing in the genealogy. Waylon Fields married Stevie and had 2 children with her, Breanne and Traci. They’re toddlers. Waylon is dead, though. Stevie married Annika Anand. Annika is immortal, so the children will have a caregiver.

Yes, Silvia’s family is a complicated one, but which isn’t?


Moving on. Danny will be a married man soon, he needs a job. Despite him thinking about the business career, I chose one of the new professions for him: Politician.


Silvia needs a job too, of course. And I have just the right one in mind for her: Art Critic! Though I first thought of scientist.


Abbie and Silvia get along just spendidly.


They perform mischievous interactions on each other and laugh about it. I guess, I will miss Abbie once she’s gone…


Lara isn’t feeling sad anymore. She decided to embrace life again.


Bennett has a lady friend over. Her name is Meagan Mesa.


Danny makes a face after his workout. I have no idea why Vlad makes a face.


And then… another Era comes to an end. Abbie has lived for a long time, because she is one of the Immortals. She sacrificed her immortality though, because she wanted to join her beloved Sergej in the afterlife. They met late in life and didn’t have enough time together. She misses him dearly, and he visits her in ghost form very often.

And so it is time for her to cross the Veil now, to be with Sergej forever.



The family is drowned in sadness again. For most of them, Abbie has been around for all of their life. She has been there forever, for as long as they can remember. Her absence will be felt by everyone.

And so little Vladislav makes his first acquantance with death. For him, the Reaper is just  a weird guy in a black robe, but everybody is sad and crying, and so he is sad too.


And with all this happening, I forget to celebrate Leonid’s adult birthday. Sorry, pal.


“The sun is still shining”, Lara says to Danny with a wisdom that only the Elder possess. “Life will go on. Abbie knew her time was about to end. She stayed with us for a very long time, but it is time for her to move on.”

And so, life is going on at the Raventree Estate. In due time. I’m off to bed for today!


4 comments on “4.7: Silvia

  1. So sad about Abbie. 😦 I really liked her. And little Vlad is so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cathytea says:

    I love Silvia and Danny together !


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