4.8: Overcoming Grief

As cute toddlers are, I must confess it was easier to raise children before they were around. Now I basically have to put one Sim in charge of the toddler and can’t have them do anything else except caring for the toddler. I guess, it will take some getting used to. But they’re cute!

The family is still in various states of Disarray. They almost overcome Sveta’s death, and now Abbie’s absence has driven them over the edge again. Everybody is moping around. So I have to postpone Danny’s and Silvia’s wedding until they got themselves together again. On the other hand, I’m really afraid that Lara will die any moment now. I don’t know what to do, actually.

Bennett Jr got a call from Meagan, she wants him to visit her. I think, he will move out once he’s grown up… so why not see if anything goes with Meagan?


It seems that somebody died in Meagan’s family as well. They’re both terribly sad and can’t really help each other. We find out that Meagan hates Children.


Meagan’s sister Lilliana who looks too much like Lara tries to comfort Bennett. It’s cute, but he’s still moping around.


I found Silvia lost in her own thoughts with her helicopter. I sent her on her gathering rounds… she didn’t come back for a while.


We’re having a yard sale again. Money is running short after all this rebuilding business. Lara is looking proud of her works.

Aleksej completed his wealth aspirations. I also found out that Mansion Baron is now completed instantly. So he’s got both. Because somebody has to take care of the garden, I gave him the Botanist aspiration now.

I miss having dedicated cooks around.


Silvia is shining, for lack of a better world. She’s living in her own world, and she reacts differently to things. She’s not always in a positive mood, but she creates her own bubble wherever she goes.

I also decided to delete Zerbu’s lingering emotions mod. I think it’s bugged after the last patch. Let’s see if the game runs better without it.

I was also thinking that there are some stories in the household that I would like to explore further, but I can’t focus on everything.

Ben Jr, for example. He has difficult traits. He always yells at everybody, he feels embarassed, he’s angry at times. He doesn’t have many friends. The other kids usually have their own friend club, but Ben only has two friends that I know of: Coty Xu and Meagan Mesa. I would like to explore his inner world, his way of thinking. Maybe I will do that sometimes soon, before he grows up and moves out.

Let’s get back to the usual business for now. It’s flea market. I send half the family there, but forgot to take the paintings to sell. Well, we can do that anytime, let’s just enjoy the atmosphere.


Leonid is spending quality time with his son.



Alyson is enjoying the Karaoke machine.


Ben Jr isn’t feeling sad for a change. He seemed to enjoy being out in the crowd.


Time always passes so quickly during the festivals. But I really like them. I enjoy the colors and the atmosphere.


After we get back home, we get a lot of visitors. This is India Voronova, youngest daughter of Nikolai and Billie.


Anvi’s mother Seema came to check on her daughter and grandson.


Marina is also hanging out with us. I still can’t get over the fact how beautiful Marina has become. She’s getting more beautiful with every passing day.

And now more things are happening in the house! Silvia is pregnant.


Here she is announcing the news.


Our twins, Nikolai’s and Billie’s children, are married! I know that Genji is a mailman. I have no idea who Mia is. I’m going to check them out.

So, at first, here’s Zacharij! I gave him a different hair and a beard.



He’s lost weight. He still has Demario’s thin arms. But he’s cute!


Well, that’s Mia! Actually, she was an adult and I cheated, I changed her to young adult, because Zach is still a YA. I’m not sure how though. He should be an Adult too. Maybe he suffers from the Immortality Syndrome too?

She’s a lazy, mean Glutton and her Aspiration is Chief of Mischief. Zach is an Insane, Family-Oriented Goofball. I’m not sure how that works out, but I hope they will be happy together. I’m already excited about their children!


Genji is a Squeamish Vegetarian Snob who wants to be a master Mixologist. Tamara is a Self-Assured Insider Snob. So I guess it kind of fits together. He was an Adult too and I reset him back to YA.

And we’re back to our resident family.

I am pondering hiring a Nanny. Just to try it out. Also I read that Sims are no longer Immortal after meeting Nanny. And even if, I know the cheats to remedy this now.


The Nanny arrives wearing alpha CC hair (I should get rid of it already) and pink eyebrows and has questionable fashion choices. Makeover time!


Jane Riddle is an outgoing insider Snob. That’s okay, I guess.


Harassing her works incredibly well. So far, she’s a keeper!


And you know what? It’s time for Lara to retire and spend her last days with the family and doing whatever she wants to.


Pancakes with butter. The greatest thing known to man.


I guess, Jade is part of the family now.


She does the dishes!


Hi Genji!


We have a new Maid! Her name is Rieko Ikeda. And the alpha hair actually looks good on someone for a change.

Anyway, we need money. We’re down to 5k. The whole house building thing is expensive. Time for a yard sale.


Nice crowd.


Danny comes from work sleeping on his feet. What’s with those shoes, anyway?




The Lady in Blue is an immortal alien.




Life is good, again. For a while.


Silvia is such a joy to watch when she’s alone.



When she’s not talking to things only she can see, she’s making friends with little Vlad.



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  1. cathytea says:

    India is lovely ! I enjoy everybody !


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