4.9: Five For Silver

Every time I load up the game I’m scared that this will be the day when Lara dies. Lara has been the head of the household since Sergej died, even if Aleksej was technically the heir. But I never connected with Aleksej the way I connected with Lara. She was the first child. She was the first to go to the park and meet kids there. She was special in every way.

I know it will happen someday. Probably very soon. But I dread this moment. At the same time, I know I will go on, the game will go on, their life will go on. I’ve almost produced the 5th generation offspring. This thing has gained momentum. I have never reached this far before, though I tried the legacy challenge 4 times before. I didn’t document progress on the first. It crashed due to me being stupid and installing weird CC. The second one wasn’t much better. I started posting on Tumblr about the third one, and I was up to the fourth generation, but then I started rebuilding the house, and somehow I couldn’t connect to everything after, so I left it. Then I started the Martells, and I started writing about them, and I will continue them, but it developed into a plot driven thing and I simply don’t have time for that, currently. Or the brain power. I just want to play the game and watch things happen.


We’re celebrating Anvi’s adult birthday. Prior to the party, Nikolai and Leonid are sharing a moment in Aleksej’s office.


Silvia is working out. She must have a hidden Active trait: she’s working out almost every day.


Anvi kind of looks like pregnant, but she’s not: she just gained a bit of weight due to her lazy trait.


I’m still pretty sure Atharv Ramesh there is immortal. I’m slowly getting used to the idea of Immortal sims with the vampire pack looming over the horizon.

The house was full, but there wasn’t much lag. Still, we only got a silver medal.

Just after the party Bernardo set the kitchen on fire.



Silvia had a bladder failure in the middle of this commotion.

We ran out of money again, replacing the burned kitchen and paying bills. But everybody is alive. Yet.

Since nobody ever is using the pool, I made it smaller and purchased a water slide, because I never tried it out since purchasing the backyard pack.



I guess I’ll keep that thing for a while.


Oh, and our Alien Lady in Blue isn’t immortal after all! She turned Elder.


We’re having a wiener roast. The family doesn’t do enough things outside now they actually have all this inside space. The backyard still feels a bit empty, though.


Things are happening! Silvia has gone into labour and Vladislav is (finally) aging up to child tomorrow.

I think, Danny’s aspiration is bugged again. The roast event got us a gold medal, but it didn’t register…



Here we go…

It’s a girl! Finally a female heir again! After pondering for a while, I decided to name her Kira.

So… 5th generation is here, folks! Which means, I almost made it halfway.

And I screwed up a bit! And lost a few minutes of gameplay. I accidentally gave Silvia a Youth Potion! I wanted to give her Sleep replacement. They look so similar. So I loaded a previous save. It wasn’t that much of progress. I should make separate basement rooms for the potions…


Silvia has adopted Abbie’s room for her writing purposes. She is telling the stories she’s writing to the flowers and to Abbie’s portrait. I never knew the Insane trait could work like that. So far, Silvia hasn’t come across as Insane to me. Not even once. She’s very emotional, and very expressive, and very creative, and she has a great thirst for life, for new experiences. She works out on her own. She actually goes to practice writing on her own: the first Sim I had to do that. Sometimes she goes to Steal Simoleons from the Fountain, but Aleksej does that too. That’s fine. I don’t mind. We own the Fountain, right? So we own the Simoleons.


Alyson is a grandmother now! That’s weird. She doesn’t come across as a grandmother to me. But I think, she’ll grow into it.

The baby is in the empty room for the time being. When I have some more money, I will decorate it as children playing/activity room. Vladislav is growing up anyway so he won’t need all the toddler stuff in his room.

We’re going to celebrate his birthday!

For the first time in AGES, a mixologist showed up.


Her name is Mizuki Hasegawa and she needs a makeover.


Here we go. I think I prefer Maxis Match hair to Alpha hair…


I might need a bigger bar though…


Vlad is making friends with his Cousin India.

There were an awful lot of people (where did they come from, I didn’t invite them all…) and a bit of lag, so we didn’t get to some of the goals and only got a bronze medal. Vladislav’s childhood Aspiration is Social Butterfly (he got a small headstart on it since he has Level 2 Social skill because of the toddler communication skill) and his trait is Active.



Lara is playing Chess with her Grandson. I kind of hope she survives until Kira becomes a toddler… it would be so sweet for her to be able to play with her Great-Granddaughter.


Silvia is so beautiful with little Kira.


That’s it for today, folks. Bedtime for me!


3 comments on “4.9: Five For Silver

  1. cathytea says:

    Congratulations on gen 5! Wow!


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