4.10: Kira’s First Steps

While everybody and their dog is probably on a vampire spree, I have to wait until payday, because I’m broke and I’m a responsible adult and I don’t buy things with money I don’t have. Besides, I wouldn’t know how to integrate vampires into my legacy. I have no idea. I still have a slight hope to get Aliens into it. We started with a scientist, after all. But the Alien Hybrid Townies we had in the beginning died out.

I want to try CathyTea’s superskilling strategy with Vladislav and later, Kira.


That means, Slava is doing numbers while everybody else is asleep. I am hesitant to call him Vlad, now that there is a Vampire called Vlad. So I will try and stick with Slava.


He’s doing dishes on his own, by the way.



Lara is holding her Great-Granddaughter. I think Lara’s older than Sergej now…

Anyway, Danny needs to work on those parties and Silvia needs to collect some rocks.


But first, Silvia has to tell Danny all about the new story project of hers.


Later, she talks with a nice teen girl, Judy Roe. She has the hot-headed trait.


Danny has to annoy his folks with toilet jokes.


Later I find Lara playing guitar. She never really showed any interest in guitar playing. I guess, she wants to try things out, now that she doesn’t have to stress about painting the whole day.


Ben should take his nose out of the book. Judy apparently wants to talk to him. She’s really cute. Maybe they got a chance together?


She has to talk with Slava instead, because Ben still stares at the book. Maybe Β he’s shy…


At least they’re having a conversation.

Judy’s second trait is Goofball. She’s a hot-headed goofball. So far, it’s a match, I think. Bennett is growing up to YA very soon… he will be free to pursue romantic interests then, and move out on his own.


Alyson completed the Nerd Brain aspiration! Physical Aspiration is next. She needs the fitness skill for her job.


Ben: “I probably should have just used the pan.”


How unfortunate.


Lara: “You just need to imagine a dinosaur is chasing you! That’s what I did all those years ago! You will wonder how fast you’ll make your personal record!”


I really like the color scheme in Aleksej’s bedroom/office. Ben Jr is doing homework there. The color scheme fits his clothes.


I’m afraid we need a gardener. Nobody feels inclined to take care of the plants…


This is a cake. This is a birthday cake. This is Kira’s first birthday cake! Her toddler trait is Inquisitive. I got it using the random.org generator.


Look at this.


Kira: Get out of my way, everybody!


Ben Jr: You’ll be owning this entire liquor collection when you grow up.


Alyson and Ben Jr are bonding over watching Kira eat a lot of hamburgers.


Aleksej: Bedtime, little frog.

We’re celebrating Ben Junior’s birthday party! Yay!


Here’s Zach with his wife Mia. I didn’t like Zach at first but I’m really warming up to him! Mia is pregnant.


Ben Jr is having a zombie cake. I thought it is fitting to his personality.

He got Loner as his Adult trait.


There’s a big crowd in the kitchen. I like the new kitchen. It fits a lot of people without them tripping over each other’s feet.


Judy is a YA now too, and she started to flirt with Ben!


His first female friend Meagan doesn’t seem to like it. Sorry, Meagan.


I think those two are meant to be together.


The house has been busy lately. I think it’s time for Bennett to move out as soon as possible, so I don’t have to stretch my focus so.


Among all the chaos, Lara still finds time to be herself. I wish I could be like her.



3 comments on “4.10: Kira’s First Steps

  1. I had a really rough day at work, so it was nice to have this to read when I got home! I just find this story so calming and peaceful. So, thank you for writing, and cheering me up! πŸ™‚


  2. cathytea says:

    I’ve never seen that painting Lara is doing at the end ! Love Kira !


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