4.12: Ben Jr. Has A Date

I wrote a huge chunk of text yesterday. Usually it’s saved as a draft automatically just as I start a post.

Today, I wanted to continue writing it and… it was gone. I checked my other blog to see if I somehow saved it on there, but it’s not existent. Now I’m mad at WordPress because I can’t recreate 700 words of my thoughts regarding Lara’s death and life in general. I don’t have these thoughts anymore! The point of a diary is to write your current thoughts so you can read them later. WordPress, you had one job.

Not even the two pictures I put into the text are in my media library? What the hell happened? Now I’m having doubts about having written it at all, but I definitely did. It’s just completely gone and never happened. I don’t trust WordPress anymore.

So, what happened yesterday… I changed the age spans after a post by Raerei at the Writer’s Lounge. So things might get buggy. Or they might not. I never changed age spans before. Because of that change, Alyson and Aleksej won’t be having their elder birthday for 5 more days. I will try to make the most of it.

Time for a world update. Billie and Nikolai’s young daughter India grew up into a teen. She’s really cute! She took after Nikolai this time. TS4 genetics is so weird sometimes. She looks a lot like Sveta but also different. She’s got her eyes, though!


She wants to be a bestselling author and is an Insane Slob.

Zach and Mia have two baby daughters, Nichole and Kaelyn. I like the names.

Alyson’s sister Ashlynn died of old age. Anvi’s mother Seema and Marina’s daughter Alaina have a small son, Lucas. He has the Wild trait.

I forgot to check on Tamara. Will do so later.


Looking at this screenshot I just noticed that the stove hood is still burned.

Lara is gone. It’s weird. She’s been around forever, since the beginning. She was the head of the family and my main focus through generations. She got older than Sergej, I think.

I will redecorate her bedroom as the Art Room. And we will need a new resident Artist.


Silvia is playing with Breanne Fields, her half-sister.


We have a translucent visitor again! It’s Bennett. I only have Lara and Bennett’s urns out right now, the others are in Danny’s inventory. I haven’t built a graveyard yet, we’re still short on money and struggling to pay bills on time.


I really like the new small desk.

There’s some lag going on, especially regarding interactions with the toddler. Basically, four people have “watch the toddler” in their queues and all are standing around doing nothing until the toddler passes out or pees its pants.


Anvi is becoming more massive. I guess, that’s the lazy trait at work. I don’t mind, though. Not everyone has to look as a supermodel.

Anyway… Let’s move some things forward. Ben has taken Judy out to the restaurant.


Ben: I’m glad you had time to meet up.


Judy: You’ve been so sad lately.


I’m not sure when she found time to get a different dress. It suits her, though.


Somehow there is a bug with her, though. She’s a YA but she only has 2 traits. I will go to CAS, age her down and then up again. Maybe it has something to do with me changing the age span durations.



Judy has a third trait now. It’s Outgoing.

Since I don’t trust WordPress anymore, I will post this now instead of leaving it in my drafts until evening, since I have to go do adult stuff now.


One comment on “4.12: Ben Jr. Has A Date

  1. cathytea says:

    Sorry you lost your draft ! I’ve heard of that happening but it’s never happened to me before . I’ve had them disappear and reappear , though .


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