4.13: Ben’s Date part 2

I saw Monster Trucks with my daughter today. It’s been awesome and we were both in love with the creature. No more spoilers.

Also today is a weird day. Not only that I lost my Draft from yesterday, my rats were scared of something. Usually, when I’m cleaning the cage, I’m letting them out, and they’re running around the place and doing all kinds of crap like biting me in the toes and trying to sneak undetected under my desk, which is forbidden, because of all the wires and cables. Rats love to bite through wires.

Today, 8 of them crawled into the tiny space behind my matress and sat there until I took them out and put them under a blanket. Then they sat under the blanket. They also peed and defecated in the corner. They don’t usually do that. They were in terror, and we can’t figure out why. My partner visited some friends of his today, and they have two cats. The only thing that makes sense is that they smelled the cat on him. But I have been at my grandmother’s a few weeks ago and she has a cat too, and I touched the cat, and the rats were just fine. Must be something else. I have no idea. They also almost jumped out of my hands when I brought them back to the cage, anxious to get in their safe zone.

Weird day.

This chapter will probably short because I’m about to fall asleep, but I want to play a bit and finish Ben’s date.


I think she wants him to move in with her.




Looks like that can be arranged.


I don’t think she’s telling him that she’s tired.


Meanwhile, it’s getting late.




Things escalated quickly.


Judy: I hope you won’t be so sad anymore.

Ben: Not if you come home with me.


Apparently Bennett’s ghost has cooked dinner.


I’m pretty sure Abbie won’t mind them using her room.


Zach, it’s 3 AM, what do you want?


Some mandatory cuteness.


Apparently he came all the way here to cry at Lara’s urn.


Kira’s face reads like “I will murder you” to me. “I will murder everybody.”

There’s still a big amount of lag when it comes to caring for Kira. So she passed out again somewhere. I clicked on her and it showed me the bed but she was not in the bed.


Then I saw this. The perfect camouflage.


Be still, my beating heart. I just want to reach through the screen and cuddle with her and put her to bed and sing a song for her. Poor little frog.


She made it inside. Silvia was supposed to come and read to her but didn’t due to lag. It’s so sad.


Since Ben will move out and live on his own soon, he needs to earn money… He is now a professional Athlete.

And I’m off to bed.


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