4.14: Kira’s Birthday

I just went and deleted a whole bunch of CC. I have no idea what some of it was. Maybe it was things I used. Shouldn’t be too many, though. Most of it were wall and floor patterns and I wasn’t using them anyway.

I used to binge download from TSR in the beginning, but some of it is just hideous and clutters my game. I also took out most of the clothing CC. There might be some naked folks running around now.

All the new CC I’ll download will be pretty much Maxis Match. I also organized most of my CC in folders so I’ll know which is which. And then I went and spent an hour downloading CC by Veranka and Soloriya.

Oh well. I guess you have those days. I have a slight cold today, sore throat and runny nose. I hope it doesn’t get worse tomorrow.

First Case of Naked People ensued in the Medeiros household – which as you might still remember the Mansion Across the Street. Some pants and skirts have disappeared, I think.

Upon fixing this and starting the game Judy invited Ben to a Date in a… clothing shop. Well, alright. Let’s do this. Why not?



I kind of get the feeling that Ben would rather go somewhere else, though. Anyway. We hang out there for a while, then head back home.

I’ve been outside for a while and then discovered that my computer shut itself down. At least my draft didn’t disappear like the last time! I was scared. Anyway. Time to browse the gallery for a home update for Judy.

Judy lives with 2 fathers. Well one of them is her father, the other is his husband. I have no idea who her mother is.

I have a lot of naked Sims wandering around, but it’s an easy thing to fix with MCCC. I don’t even have to go into CAS, just randomize outfit a few times until I get an acceptable result.


Alyson has autonomously started painting. She should work on her fitness skill, but she looked so peaceful that I decided to leave her alone with it.


The little frog is talking to its dad.


Taking the conversation elsewhere.


Situation: Lara’s ghost shows up, sees Bennett’s urn, is sad. Silvia comes in and immediately starts consoling her.


Then they’re doing selfies.


The Loch Ness monster is real! In the background, the last painting Lara started but never finished.

I kind of figured out how to get Reshade to run. Here’s an original, unprocessed screenshot.


Here’s the reshade version. Basically it does what I’ve been trying to do in Photoshop. I think I like it.


I will use it for a while.


At night, Lara comes out to paint.


So in a way, she never left. She’s still here, doing what she did before she died.


I love how kids interact with the big toys.


Everybody is at work except Ben and Leonid. They will head to work in an hour, though. Ben is lifting some weights and Leo is playing the piano.


Apparently my reshade settings are so good that Auto Contrast in Photoshop does exactly nothing. Photoshop is in love with my reshade settings.


Besides Reshade, I found out something important. The Nanny doesn’t lag. At all. When I ask her for things, she reacts immediately, not like my family members who stand there doing nothing for hours.

So, my dear Jade Riddle, you are now Little Frog’s honorary mother.


Slava has made A’s. I guess he will take a few days off school to work on his Aspirations and Skills now.


Lara’s new painting is a Masterpiece, worth over 8 thousand.


Most of the adults are back from work… that means… birthday party!


I missed the right moment to screenshot. Oh well.

Kira’s first trait is Vegetarian and she’s a Social Butterfly.


I really need to invite less people to the parties because it’s always a lag fest. We only made a silver medal.


Danny is cleaning up, while his parents are sitting at the bar with an unhealthy amount of drinks piled up in front of them.


I think Aleksej already had a few of those.




I just can’t get over how vibrant everything looks now, I’m in love all over again.


Slava is doing homework outside.


I have created a monster for a moment there. One of Slava’s friends aged up too soon and I set him back via MCCC. He was playing sea monster. Look at those legs.


He looks fine now.


With this, we will conclude this chapter – I know, it’s been all over the place. Tomorrow Kira and Slava will go park hopping to meet more children. And Ben will move out to live with Judy.


One comment on “4.14: Kira’s Birthday

  1. cathytea says:

    Happy birthday , Kira! Hope you feel better soon , Deira !


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