4.16: A&A Birthday

It’s weird. I’m down to 8 Sims again. The portraits look so HUGE out of sudden. Do Danny and Silvia need another child? I think they might. But the fact that I’m down to 8 Sims means that I can edit the entire household in CAS. And save them to the library.

I also need to update the Plum Tree, but I won’t do that today.

We need to celebrate Alyson’s and Aleksej’s birthday.


The kids are enjoying an early breakfast. They are close friends already! Hm… how are they related? Are they cousins… is he her… uncle of sorts? I don’t know. I don’t care. They’re family.


I’m almost successful at getting the family at one table! Almost.


Well, that’s good enough.


There’s amazingly little lag today. I have expected more lag.


I really need to work on family relationships, so we can stay in touch with our extended family.


Don’t look so happy, Aleksej, it’s your turn now.


Aleksej’s eyes look so black at certain angles, I almost think they’re glitched. I’ll go into CAS and check.


He has certainly put on weight.


Everybody wants cake!


There might not be enough for everyone…

So, because the game isn’t lagging that hard, we got a gold medal! Oh and Nikolai and Billie’s daughter Tamara had 1 male baby (to quote MCCC).

And I did update the Plum Tree a bit. Couldn’t leave it alone.


Aleksej took a liking to dancing.


Lara’s visiting almost every night!


Do you think we have room for another baby? I do!


These two seem to agree.


I really love those paintings! They’re so vibrant since I got reshade.

Well. That’s a short one today, but I got to sleep sometimes!


One comment on “4.16: A&A Birthday

  1. cathytea says:

    Gorgeous paintings ! It’s great to see Lara’s ghost !


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