4.17: Going With The Flow

I passed my exam. I’m not sure what to say about it. I guess I can do it. It’s just a weird feeling because I never made any plans past this point. I kind of cultivated the idea that after the exam, everything will be magically better. I guess it won’t. My headache is gone, though. You can read my tumblr for more of my thoughts about the exam.

I also started Might and Magic games (6 to 8, with 8 being my favourite) again and it’s almost like coming home after a long journey… I loved Might and Magic 8 to death back then. I could only play it at a friend’s house because our computer couldn’t run it. It’s weird how back then I didn’t notice how pixelated the graphics was, how little detail the world had. Back then, it felt alive and real and sometimes very scary. But today we’re so used to smooth, almost photo-realistic graphics, old games like that look strange for a moment. I started M&M8 again because of my daughter, I wanted to show it to her. She didn’t mind the dated graphics. She said the game was really cool, but we didn’t play past the first area. She was afraid of the pirates every time.

Anyway. I don’t feel like writing about everything right now so I will just play and post screenshots and summary after that.

We have two kids to take care of, a third one possibly on the way. Nothing exciting is about to happen otherwise. I think.

Leonid looks different with new hair. He also reached his “maximum body potential”.


After ages in storage, the cowplant has a place on its own again.



Silvia is meeting her siblings at the park.


Kira is making friends with her… aunt? I’m not sure. Everybody in the same age bracket will be regarded as cousins from now on.


I love how the colours look with Reshade. Game is more prone to crash though, since I installed it… but I’m saving pretty often so I guess I will keep it.

Vladislav is having his Teen birthday party, by the way. Time flies.




The red hair is back!


Sorry, I kind of forgot that Tamara doesn’t have pants anymore. They were CC I deleted. She has pants now.


Leonid really turned out kind of cute.


In the background: Sergej’s hairless ghost. I forgot to fix his hair after I deleted the CC.


Our star of the day meets the Founder.


Slowly, the rest of the family trickles to the table.


Silvia and Danny share a look. They have just been in the observatory together. I don’t think they were looking for stars.



Vladislav is learning how to fall.


Obviously, on his face.

And now, bedtime for me.



One comment on “4.17: Going With The Flow

  1. cathytea says:

    Great birthday party !


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