4.18: Cooks That Don’t Cook

I got a new keyboard today. Nothing fancy. Just new. No more sticky keys. Also a aux cord so I can listen to my music in the truck but I have a day off tomorrow so can’t try it out. It’s probably too short, I should have bought the longer one. If it is to short, I’m going to go back and exchange it.

I also preordered the new bundle with the vampires and the kid stuff. Why did I buy the backyard pack a while ago? It’s in there too. I wonder if I get a separate key for the backyard pack and maybe have a giveaway or something.

I got my professional certificate in the mail today. It says Driver on it. That’s it. Driver. I spent three years of my life doing all kinds of crap like stacking crates and palettes and listening to all kinds of macho stuff for that. Driver. At least it says “professional truck driver” in German and something similar in French. I’m not good in French. There were like 7 words. Or 8. I can’t be bothered to check right now.

Anyway. Game.

I want to concentrate on Kira more as long as she’s a kid. I feel like I missed out so much of Danny’s childhood. I’m always concentrating on the adults and letting the kids do their thing… I miss the intense observation I did  of Lara when she was a kid. But back then I only had a household of 3.


It’s Tuesday afternoon. The kids came home from school absolutely tired and unbelievably dirty. I have no idea what they’ve been doing.

Kira has 7 days from becoming a Teenager. I should really hurry up with her social aspiration.

Speaking of Birthdays, Danny will be an Adult in 2 days. Silvia is pregnant so she gets to stay a YA for 3 more days. Vladislav will be a YA in 6 days. Yes, I have changed the age spans. The teen stage is boring, so it’s shortened to 7 days.


I’m having quite a bit of lag today. There has been a new origin patch… but it shouldn’t have to do anything with the game, right? I have no idea, though. Vladislav just kneeled in the kitchen and didn’t respond for a while.


I like the kitchen, but I still don’t like the wall paint. I might try something different soon… maybe a different floor too.


Oh, good, Vladislav made it to the bathroom. But he broke the sink. And he’s having a teenager episode or something, look at his face. I like him.


Pretty much the definition of fail: get a sleep replacement potion, put it down on the table, sit down, get up, fall over. Not drink the potion. Does he have finals or something?

Judy is pregnant from Bennett! I’m excited about the outcome.


Club gatherings at night are a perfect chance to tell your friends some spooky stories. That monster’s jaws were that big!


I’m not sure why they’re hanging out in front of the house though. There lots of other spots…


Silvia: Crap, I’ll have to change diapers again very soon. Ouch, my bladder…


Sometimes Sims develop a distinct personality late in life. Aleksej is one of those. Now, the first thing he does after waking up is going into the living room to dance. He and Alyson kind of grew apart though. Their romance bar is almost empty. That’s my first couple for this to happen. I’m wondering if I should do something about that. Maybe send them on a date to rekindle their relationship…


That’s Jesse Valle. He has been Leonid’s best friend since school. He will become an elder in a day, and he hasn’t got a partner or children, but he has the Soulmate Aspiration. I will pick him a partner from the gallery and let him have children. I like him and his looks and I don’t want his genes to die out.

I browsed the gallery a bit and found that I like my game-born sims a lot better than gallery sims… most gallery sims are too similar… kind of boring. My game-born sims have a nice variety by now. They feel like people. I know their story. I know their parents and their grandparents – for the most part.


Oh look. There’s Marina. She’s heavily pregnant. She must be turning to Elder soon… Sometimes I think aging is kind of screwed up in this save, but at this point I decided not to care.


I hired a caterer to see if it works. It worked indeed! She is very pretty, but instead of cooking she went and started to flirt with Silvia.


And when Danny joined them, she just switched her attention to Danny.


This makes for a pretty screenshot… but I don’t think it’s gonna work. Her name is Shanaya Raghavan.


Danny: My father was a furniture salesman.


She still doesn’t cook, but at least she cleans up. But look at her checking out Leonid’s muscles. To be honest, Leonid has gorgeous muscles… but he’s happily married! Stop staring at him like that, it’s kind of rude.


We have visitors! Well, we usually have visitors. I only mention the noteworthy. That’s Annika Anand, she’s an Immortal. She’s been around since Sergej. I wonder what her story is…


I wish there would be a sleep replacement potion in real life. Since there isn’t, I will go to bed now.


2 comments on “4.18: Cooks That Don’t Cook

  1. Wouldn’t sleep replacement be wonderful to have in RL!? As a student, I’m just thinking of all the late night cram session opportunities! XD
    Love your sims! They really are so gorgeous and unique. I’ve never been one to use gallery sims, as I always love making my own, as I give them a back-story as I make them. I just never know what to do with gallery sims.


  2. cathytea says:

    I really like Kira ! Your immortals are neat ! I also like the game -generated and game -born Sims, too!


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