4.19: Cousins And Aunts

I rediscovered my childhood obsession of Seed Beads. You can do different stuff with them. A quick internet search revealed that you can in fact do dragons with them. I caved and ordered a 50 colors pack from ebay. I started a simple netted tube and then 2 hours magically disappeared and I haven’t even completed a dozen rows because apparently my eye-hand-coordination isn’t what it used to be when I was 12 years old.

My mind feels good though. Calm, relaxed, but somehow focused at the same time. I will try to keep the bead thing up.


My usual neighborhood scan before gameplay has shown that Alaina, Seema and their kid is gone from the Mansion. Where are they? Also India, Nikolai’s youngest daughter, is gone. I hope they just moved out and not somehow got deleted. I don’t trust the game lately.

I found Alaina and Lucas in Windenburg. They’re living with the Pierce family. I suspect that Seema, Anvi’s mother/Alaina’s wife died of old age and Alaina remarried and I somehow missed the notification.

The household is interesting. It’s consisting of Iris Bledsoe, who is married to Georgia Pierce. I remember seeing Georgia around as a kid.

Here are Iris and Georgia.


Furthermore, there is an Aarohi Savalani. She’s maried to a Fatima Pierce. Fatima is Georgia’s Sister. Here they are.


Finally, there are Alaina and her son Lucas. Alaina is married to a Colin Pierce, who is Georgia’s and Fatima’s Uncle.

Here’s Alaina with her new husband.


They can stay together, of course, but I will rename them to Medeiros and move them back into the Mansion with Marina and Bernardo. The Pierce household is full as it is and both Fatima and Georgia have their lovely wives and should have children – if they choose to, of course.

This still leaves the question: Where is India?

After browsing the household panel, I find her in San Muyshino. She married a nice looking boy named Brendan Tanaka. His brother Russel lives with them as well. I renamed her and Brendan to Voronov so I can better keep track of them. Here they are.


So now I know what’s our extended family is up to, I can go into gameplay for a while before heading to bed. This day was way too short.


Lara’s room is still as it was, I haven’t changed it yet. Kira has chosen Lara’s desk to do her homework. Maybe I won’t change Lara’s room, maybe it will stay this way until Kira grows into her status as Head of the Household and takes the room for herself. Then she might add her personal touches.


I only have one stereo in the whole house, so Sims will inevitably come together when they want to dance. In the old house, I had multiple, and everyone was dancing on their own instead of together.

Kira has a different style than Lara had. Kira is more self-centered. She doesn’t move much, she mostly just sways to the music. Lara used to go full out.


I love the front porch so much. The colours work great together.

Leonid has completed his fitness aspiration. Since he’s often playing chess lately, I chose Nerd Brain for his next goal. The Handy trait is useful.


Bennett is back in the house. He’s still in the family club. He has been fixing plumbing for half of the day now. I didn’t even realize so much of it was broken.


Kira and Vladislav are best friends now. I have no idea how they’re actually related but it feels like he’s her older brother.


There are kids hanging out in the house almost always now, because I’m working on Kira’s social aspiration and her skills improve faster while there’s a Club Gathering going on. Tamara dropped by to hang out. The black-haired girl Kira’s talking to is Breanne, Silvia’s sister. She registers as Kira’s aunt in the relationship panel.


Silvia is working out again. It almost seems like being pregnant makes her feel very active. Or maybe angry. Or maybe both.


It’s actually the first time I see someone use the swing chair.


Kira is very cute sitting in it. She’s talking to Addyson Hayashi.


Outside, the family is descending upon a plate of hamburgers. And who’s that black haired lady?


Breanne Fields, Silvia’s sister/Kira’s aunt has aged up to a teen!


Congratulations are in order. I’m not sure why Anvi is making that face though.

That’s it for today. I would love to continue playing, but I have to go to bed. The game feels quiet right now. There’s no drama, no rush, no impending deaths, it’s nice and soothing. And I really love watching Kira! I feel a connection to her, more than I did to Aleksej or Danny. Maybe it’s because she’s a girl, and I am one too, after all.



One comment on “4.19: Cousins And Aunts

  1. cathytea says:

    I love Kira , too! She’s so interesting !


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