4.20: Pool Reaper

I had a fairly normal day at work and my seed beads will arrive tomorrow, so all in all, things are good. I’m working on a simple net tube with different colours – I only have a few remaining beads, not enough for a real project. It’s just for getting back into shape.

I don’t have a lot of time for playing. Today I wanted to work with the beads instead of playing, so this will probably be a very short post.

In the game, it’s Thursday morning, everybody is at work and school except Silvia, who was asleep, and Alyson, who was weeding the bathroom floor. Yes. The game is glitchy again. I didn’t do anything to it!


That’s just our nurse, Rieko Ikeda, staring a bit terrified at the stairway.

I kind of need a change of scenery, so we’ll visit the pool. We haven’t been there for a while. Yes, we have our own pool, but nobody ever is using it.


That’s Traci Fields, Silvia’s halfsister.


Here we have Aylin, Albert, Breanne and Traci Fields. They’re all siblings of sorts. The red-haired lady on the right is Saya Ikeda and not related to the Fields bunch.


Since Vladislav is not related to the Fields bunch, he can flirt with the ladies if he wants to. Traci is cute. She needs to dial back on the makeup a bit, but otherwise, I like her. Might be a good match.



I haven’t had a public death in ages.


This is Kaelynn Voronov. I think she’s Zacharij’s daughter, but I’m not sure. Anyway, she’s family.


Vladislav tries to have a conversation with Traci. We find out she has the insane trait. I guess it runs in the family.

There are LOTS of kids around, I gave up trying to keep up with who’s who.


It seems like they’re having fun though!


Danny, are you sure you want to do this with your work suit on?


Oh well… suit yourself.


These two are actually dancing together! Even if Aleksej still has his work clothes on as well.

It’s gotten dark and everybody is tired so we head back home.


The family is slowly dispersing to their beds. I guess I will do the same.


One comment on “4.20: Pool Reaper

  1. cathytea says:

    Danny diving in his suit makes me laugh ! And all the family members are beautiful !


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