4.21: Welcome Lena

My seed bead package has arrived! I’m a little overwhelmed with all of these colors but I already have some ideas what to do with those after I finish my test tube.


I still think Addyson is the cutest thing in that cat sweater. She’s a perfectionist!


Vladislav decided to put soap in the fountain. The girls are silently judging him.


Seriously, that guy creeps me out sometimes.

The cow plant died. Again. That’s the third one. I keep forgetting it. Maybe I just shouldn’t bother with it for a while, until somebody actually enjoys gardening again.




Oh gosh I’m so sorry. I missed Danny’s birthday. Well I didn’t really miss it. I was planning a party! I let Leonid bake a cake… but I was too late and Danny aged up on his own.

I guess he needs to live with it.


That’s Lucas, Alaina’s son. I think he’s Seema’s son as well so he must be technically Anvi’s halfbrother? Family relations are still hard.


And that’s Kaelyn. Zacharij’s daughter? I’m gonna go check. Yup, she is. Both Nikolai and Billie are Elders now.

By the way, I started rebuilding the Family Tree on Family Echo so I can keep track of all those gorgeous kids. It’s going to take me a while though.


I love those kids so much.


They make me happy. All of them together.

Danny’s friend Nestor invited him to a dancing party. Since I missed his birthday, I will let him go.


Is that Lara’s ghost in the background? Nice seeing her out and about. Party was nice, everybody danced and had fun. Dancing parties kind of don’t excite me as much as kids right now.


Silvia is very pregnant by now.


Yup, it’s starting.


Send help, we’re getting another baby.


Nevertheless, Danny goes to sit in the cafeteria and wait. And smile.


It’s a girl, and her name is Lena.

So Kira will have a younger sister. Maybe it will be like Lara and Sveta all over again! I’m so excited.



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