4.22: Seed Beads and Vampires

I am mostly busy with seed beads. Here’s my first results. More on tumblr.


I am having trouble concentrating on one project (as always) and I don’t have the right thread which makes things complicated. But I’m not here to talk about seed beads!

I don’t feel like writing while playing right now because I’m playing in small bits – so little time, so much to do – so this chapter will be mostly screenshots.


Leonid and Silvia making music together. By the way, they have the same hairstyle.


Silvia with our newest baby Lena.


Kira having a chat with her father.


Vladislav having a chat with his mom.


Kira on the monkey bars.


A random person using our workout equipment.


Kind of like the lighting on this one.


The game says Lucas is Anvi’s brother. Technically is right since her mother is also his mother. Well, one of two. The other mother is Alaina, Marina’s daughter.


Father and son. They’re not very much alike, though. Except for the same shade of green they’re wearing.


I always feel like invading their privacy when I’m watching them bath but I just love their expressions sometimes.


He’s actually handsome. You rarely notice with all his usual goofy faces, but he’s handsome when he’s in the bath.


I wrote the above days ago! I have not overcome my seed bead obsession yet, and I doubt it will happen anytime soon. I have so many exciting ideas and I keep finding new and exciting tutorials every day and I want to try them all but I only have so much time.

I made a small dragon today, from start to finish.


And I have Kids Stuff pack and Vampires now.

Today’s playtime will be very short. Work, general everyday life and the seed beads don’t leave much time for the game.


In the game, it’s early Sunday morning, and Alyson is making breakfast for everybody. A quick check shows that everybody is almost done sleeping and maybe I can gather the family together.


The kids are outside playing, Vladislav is doing his homework and making sure the little ones don’t injure themselves at play.


I might get rid of the island… everybody is always sitting there and not at the table.



That’s one Marlee Basu, she just grew up to a teen. She’s from Kira’s playground club. Vladislav is going to play chess with her. Just look at that smug face of his.


Everybody is enjoying the day in different ways.

Silvia completed the Curator Aspiration. I chose the writer aspiration as her next one.


That’s how she goes to work, by the way.


Lena grew up with the Silly trait and creepy vampire eyes. She isn’t a vampire, though. I’ll look into changing this…

I just checked and it’s apparently a known issue. Probably CC related but nobody knows for sure. I’ll just give her glasses to cover it up and just ignore it until she ages up to a child.


A questionable fashion choice is better than vampire eyes, at least to me!

Anyway. I have to go to bed now, so that’s it for today. I hope there won’t be so many days between this and the next update!


One comment on “4.22: Seed Beads and Vampires

  1. cathytea says:

    I love the dragon ! And that random Sim on the weight machine is gorgeous !


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