4.23: Vladislav Grows Up

I kind of want to start a Drifter Challenge, and also a Build Newcrest story, but I don’t have much time. I am making notes about my thoughts for the Drifter Challenge storyline. Maybe I should finish this legacy first… I don’t want to leave them for another family. Feels like cheating.

The household was slowly heading to bed when I stopped playing yesterday.


I wonder if the house will ever be finished. It’s functional, but so many areas are bare, because I ran out of money and ideas. There are over 70.000 in the household balance again, but I’m hesitant to start building.

The toddler is still a big source of lag. Both Vladislav and Leonid constantly have the “talk” action in their queue while the toddler’s asleep or otherwise occupied.


They like to play chess together lately, which is a good thing because both need to raise their logic skill. Also it’s Vladislav’s birthday tomorrow.


Silvia started writing children’s books. She acts out all the dialogue before writing! I’m in love with her insane trait more and more. She never yells at anybody, she’s always happy and friendly, and she always has something on her mind.


Kira’s club friend Addyson grew up into a slightly awkward teenager. She’s a squeamish perfectionist.


Leonid is perfect. He’s having a bubble bath and is splashing all around.


Also look at his body.


Just folks  hanging out in the game room.


I kind of have hopes for Vladislav and Marlee.


We have a late night visitor…


What if everyone just ignores him?


Kira has completed three aspirations and is now working on her mental skills, but I doubt she will make it in time.

We’re having Vladislav’s YA party now.


This beauty is Leticia Hayashi. I never saw her before but apparently she’s Addyson’s sister. She’s a teen, too. So many pretty ladies for Vladislav to choose from.


Marina and Bernardo are Elders now. Well, they have been around for a long time.


Vladislav grows up to be a geek like his mother.


And promptly tries to get Leticia’s attention.


Later, he even succeeds and plays a round of foosball with her.

It’s a silver medal event, but it was a great party! There had been little lag – no more than usual – and we met Leticia, among others.

It’s a short update, I know, but I don’t have much time these days. I’m still adjusting to life as a skilled employee and no longer an apprentice.


One comment on “4.23: Vladislav Grows Up

  1. cathytea says:

    Leticia has a beautiful dress !


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