4.24: Ideas

When I was on my way home from work today, there was a clear voice in my head. It was a male voice. It said: “I’m so sorry, Lynn.”

I listened. I spoke the words it said aloud. I smiled. And I knew that I have to sit down and write when I get home, because it’s been a long time since a story spoke to me so clearly. It used to happen all the time until a few years ago. While a sign of insanity to some, for me it was something that I grew up with. I just needed to relax in my mind and the stories began to unfold before my eyes. I guess that’s why television never intrigued me. My imagination was a much better thing.

I entered survival mode a few years ago. The stories grew dimmer and I stopped hearing them at some point. I had lots of stress. Lots of changes. Lots of things I had to do. Passing the exam took away a great part of my stress load. My brain begins to rewire itself again. I will never be what I was before, but I am very glad that the voices are coming back. That the stories are not dead, they were just silent for a while. I can hear them again. I can feel them. I am grateful.

I haven’t started the new save yet so I don’t know anything about the person I started writing about. All will come to me in due time.

At the Raventree estate, birthdays are coming up. There’s one Un-Birthday, as CathyTea often wrote it in her legacy. Leonid is getting old, but he and Anvi will recieve a youth potion. They’re not ready to be old yet.

Kira is growing up to a teenager, and I’m very excited. She maxed 3 of 4 skills and completed 3 of 4 aspirations.


Anvi is reading a book to Kira. Kira can read just as well on her own, but she enjoys listening to others tell stories. The other lady is Jade Riddle, our Nanny.


After, Anvi has her Youth Potion.


Weirdly enough, Leonid goes to the very same spot to drink his.


Vladislav and his goofy face.


“Onions are awesome, Dad! Put more of those in the Pasta!” I agree. I would skip the Pasta, though.


I think, Danny wants to go on vacation again. That’s Demario’s ghost in the background! He helps himself to a serving of Danny’s pasta primavera.


Well, you can celebrate a party at half past 7 AM, right? I am afraid I’ll miss her natural aging up. Let’s call some folks.


I managed to call most of our extended family. It’s a pity you can’t invite more than 15 guests to your party. We have a lot of family by now, I don’t even know half of them. Here’s Nikolai. He’s old but he still loves cake.


Here we go.


Kira aged up to be a Music Lover and her aspiration is soulmate. Not a bad thing for a legacy heir.


We only made silver medal again but the party was really nice. Silvia also aged up to an Adult. I completely forgot about her birthday.


Tamara is reunited with her parents.


“Yeah, I know I should call more often…”


Maybe Lucas wants to be a barkeeper when he grows up, so he’s watching Immortal Atharv Ramesh, hoping to learn some of his tricks.


Silvia after aging up.


Kira in CAS.


Kira after changing hairstyle. She’s really cute.


Our family’s girls are really pretty.

Anyway, I’m really tired now so will go to bed. Next time, I will send Vladislav and Kira somewhere to make friends and maybe find that special someone!


One comment on “4.24: Ideas

  1. cathytea says:

    Kira is so beautiful ! I’m glad stories are speaking to you again! I’ve had similar experiences with stories speaking and also times when the voices fell silent due to being too busy or stressed . I feel best when I can hear the stories !


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