4.25: Faded Feelings

I spent my saturday after work evening doing this:


The dragon is from a few days ago. They’re friends. I still have to stitch the fox together a bit, he’s wobbly, but my eyes and hands nearly gave out in the end.

Now and then I lurk in Manage Worlds and go through all the sims in the world because I like keeping track. Not always, it would be too much, because I also like to focus on my own small corner of the world. But looking at what happened after a while is fun. There are lots of surprises.

I’m pondering if I should look for a partner for Vladislav or just move him out and see what MCCC does to him. There are certainly a lot of suitable ladies. I really like Leticia though and I’d love to see how the genetics work out between the two of them. Leticia has a sister, Addyson, and a brother, Jaiden. They’re triplets. I suppose their mother is dead. Their father Seiji married one of our immortals, Anika Anand. She’s moving around a lot these days, but life as immortal must be tough. Your loved ones wither and die before your eyes and you can’t do anything about it.

I don’t have lots of time with my work schedule, so this chapter is condensed from half an hour play sessions of multiple days.

Vladislav took the Tech Guru career, just like his mother.


That’s Davis Cross. He was in the Kids Club, so Vladislav and Kira grew up with him. His friendship bar with Kira is full. I wonder if he’s possible spouse material?

I also look forward to play other saves that are NOT set in Oasis Springs. I miss the greens.

Teens are supposed to party, right? Here are a few impressions.






Vladislav and Leticia are almost a thing. There was some flirting involved at the party.


I’m so in love with Kira. And with Leonid, though he’s not the heir. He should have been. I have connected with him from the start. And look, they have the same hair color.


They’re also good friends and like to play chess together.


Aleksej and Alyson got old. Like really old. Their life bar is sparkling, which means we can get a visit from the Reaper any time.


Leonid really wants to go on vacation.


Long story short: Kira wanted to flirt with Davis before the party but he was sad most of the time, so it didn’t take. Here she is telling this to her father.


Alyson looks sad and tired. I wonder why? Age catching up with her? Or maybe the fact that Aleksej is at work all the time, or researching stocks when he’s not working.

They’re not an overly romantic couple, Aleksej and Alyson. They had their ups and downs, but they have more downs. When I click on Aleksej, he barely has a romance bar with Alyson. When I click on Alyson, her romance bar with Aleksej is half full. I guess she still has feelings for him. Aleksej? He’s too deep in his stocks and investments. Or maybe he never truly loved her. Maybe their whole romance is just his duty to his family. The pressure that a legacy heir inevitably feels.

Lara and Bennett always flirted with each other when I left them alone. When I leave Aleksej and Alyson alone, Aleksej goes to play on his computer or, lately, dancing, and Alyson does all kinds of things, but they don’t even look at each other anymore.


Leonid likes the waterslide.


Just a common sight in this house: Silvia in her impossible work clothes playing with her small daughter, Anvi watching hot dogs, Leonid standing around in swimming wear – probably wet – and watching Anvi. Or the toddler, I’m not sure.

Anyway, that’s it… until the next time.


One comment on “4.25: Faded Feelings

  1. cathytea says:

    Guess we’ll see Grim soon ! The generations really March on.


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