4.26: Green Rope

Work is so crazy these days, I hardly have the energy – and the time – to do anything, so playtime is very scarce.

I spent the little time I have after work to work with my seed beads. I have completed another project:


It’s my first larger work. It’s a necklace for my daughter and it’s waiting for a dragon pendant, but I’m a little scared of starting the pendant.

So, what’s going on in the Voronov Household? To be honest, I have no idea, I haven’t played for a week.

Alright. Aleksej and Alyson are old and will probably have an appointment with the Grim Reaper soon. I’m strangely okay with that.

The others are going on about their lives, not much to say about them.

Leonid will move out very soon, but I want to see if I can pair him up with Leticia first. Maybe I will move him into the mansion across the street, there’s plenty of space there.


Apparently, it works out. They have acquired a romance bar all on their own. It’s funny how things sometimes come to happen.


Upon minutes into the game, the thing I have expected happens too: It’s time for Alyson and Aleksej to move on.


When Grim comes for Alyson, Aleksej wakes up from his nap. “Wait for me”, he calls.



And so he joins her on this journey. They depart together, and even if their marriage hasn’t been perfect, it worked until the end.



Nobody ever uses the dining table in this household, but I don’t want to get rid of the island…


Despite being sad, Leonid has an interesting wish. I think I will honor it.

And since I want to speed things up a bit, I purchase a moodlet solver for Leonid and ask Leticia out for a date.


Leticia has a very strong personality. Being a hot-headed person, she was sending lots of mixed signals. She accepted some of his flirts and rejected others, only to come up with her own pick up lines seconds later.


I think she wants him, but doesn’t want to surrender on the first date. We will have a second at some time.


Anyway, life goes on. Danny helps Kira with homework.


Silvia is working out despite not being pregnant.


Our extended family still comes to visit.


Most of them are getting old as well. I think a lot of them will be moving on as well, soon. We are heading towards a massive generational shift.



One comment on “4.26: Green Rope

  1. cathytea says:

    It’s sweet they left together .


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