4.27: Vladislav & Leticia

I didn’t have only seven sims in the household for ages, I think. And when Leonid is going to move out, it’s gonna be six.

Honestly, I’m waiting for Lena’s birthday. Toddlers are cute, but they’re making my game laggy. I have to keep the nanny around because no other sims can reliably take care of the toddler. Everybody just lags out whenever I send them to do anything toddler-related.

Jade Riddle is basically a family member at this point.



Armed with Grilled Cheese and Z-Juice, Leonid is thinking about asking Leticia out again. Maybe to a different place this time.


Doing things is more fun than thinking about them. Look at him smirking. He thinks he got it all.


I just love Leonid’s facial expressions. I’m going to miss him once he’s moved out.


The date went a little bit farther than the last time, but they’re still dancing around each other. It’s fun to watch them. One moment, they’re flirting, the next, he’s focused and she’s confident and they’re talking about science and TV shows, and then she starts telling dirty jokes again.

Anyway. Let’s have a house party and invite our extended family. At least some of them. I can’t fit all of them into the house anymore.


The guy in the checkered shirt in the background is Lucas Medeiros, Alaina and Seema’s son. Anvi’s half-brother. Yes, our relations are somewhat convoluted.


India and Zacharij. It’s hard to believe they are siblings.


This family is like a madhouse, and I love it.


I have no idea what is going on. It’s Lucas. I can see family resemblance.


And there, among all this people and all the chaos, these two have found each other.


I have no idea why they chose a family gathering for their first kiss, but so be it.


Marina knows what it’s all about.


I’m really amazed that I still know who all these people are. Don’t worry, I won’t name them all. It’s enough that I know, you don’t have to.


Silvia: Well that was nice but I’m going to bed.

Me too. I’m sorry for the very short updates lately, but there need to be more hours in a day.


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