4.28: The Usual Business

WordPress changed layout. It’s weird. I hate when things change on their own. I guess I have to get used to it.

Seed beads are really fun for me currently.

I’ve been wanting to play for days but I never had more than an hour at a time so I spent it with beading instead. I don’t make much progress in the game in an hour, but I can work through a substantial piece of a beading project in an hour. I want to visit the Raventree Estate again, though. It’s been a while.

I arrive to see the household in various states of disarray. Danny is passed out in the hall, our toddler Lena is in dire need of attention, our heir Kira really needs a shower and Vladislav should do something fun.

Also I have the thought that the house is too big. It has too many unused rooms and empty space and it takes sims a long time to walk from one end to the other. I think I will be redesigning the bedroom wing. The rooftop garden seemed like a nice idea at the time I was building it, but nobody ever goes there.


I wouldn’t do that at the bar, but suit yourself.


Kira’s club takes care of the neglected garden.


And Vladislav wants to be doing a different thing than playing chess with Leticia.


It seems like everybody wants to play chess now.


I wonder if Eddie is jealous Marlee is talking to Davis and not to him.


All three Hayashi siblings in one shot.


Leonid is scared by the sudden appearance of Sveta’s ghost.


Kira and Marlee are good friends.


Everybody is watching Lena sleep.


Well, not everybody, but a lot of people.


So I went and did it. The shell is done, but I have to do a lot of furnishing work. The garden is outside again. Maybe it will receive a little more attention now.

By the way, it’s Lena’s birthday! No more toddler lags! Yay!

Inviting guests for the birthday I saw that our Nikolai is dead. So is his wife Billie. Oh well. They lived a long life and had three children.


No more creepy vampire eyes! I still haven’t found the default eye cc I must have somewhere in my mod folder…


They look very similar to each other!


Ben and Judy are still incredibly handsome.


Kaelyn wants to mingle with the cool folks at the bar and be an adult.


I should have made a bigger kitchen because everybody is hanging out there. I still haven’t decided if I want to get rid of the island and put a dining table there…

The party was a silver medal only, but at this point I stopped caring.

I really want to finish Danny’s aspiration though, so I will leave the others to fend for themselves and have a couple of spooky parties at the Vivance bar – those seem to be the easiest to complete.

The party is going well, until Albert Fields, Silvia’s halfbrother or something, drops dead. Everybody is sad. Nobody wants to carve pumpkins, so the party is a fail. We have another one. This one goes better. Nobody dies.

We got a gold reward, but Danny’s aspiration hasn’t changed. I guess, it’s bugged again. I use a cheat to finish it. I completed more than enough parties, but somehow they don’t count… Oh well. His next one is Freelance Botanist. Somebody needs to take up gardening.


Back at home, Leonid’s old friend Jesse Valle dies of old age.


Nobody particularly cares because Leonid is at work and everybody else is busy with other things.

A little bit later, it’s a Moday and everybody is at work except Silvia, who is writing. The kids have returned from school. I will let Lena visit the park to meet the current generation of Park Boys. And maybe let Kira meet her friend Davis to see if there’s some special spark between the two of them…


There’s a girl at the playground. Jacqueline Pierce. I guess she’s some relative of Silvia. The Pierce family is going strong.


Davis: Oh look, there’s something on your shoulder.

Is she trying to touch his hand there? I don’t know, and I probably won’t because there’s a humor festival in the city and I want to go there. The park can wait.

There were a lot of interesting people at the Festival.


Saya Ikeda for example – I love her outfit.


Lena bonded with her mother while watching a performance.


In the end, our side won, and there was fireworks.



Lena and Kira sat at the same table. Silvia joined them for a moment.

There’s still no progress on the love front, but there is a little time left for that. We’re not in a hurry.


At home, Sergej is out playing Chess. He doesn’t come often, and I love seeing him.


And a shirtless Demario is making a drink – for Vladislav, I assume.


Just guys talking in the hallway. Nevermind that one of them is dead for over a hundred years.

We completed Anvi’s Club Leader aspiration! Her next one is Computer Whiz because that’s a natural for her.


School must have been especially hard for Kira.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I hope it won’t take me another two weeks to find time to play again.




One comment on “4.28: The Usual Business

  1. cathytea says:

    Condolences on Billie and Nikolai . They were great !


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