4.29: Dandelion Seeds

I’ve been thinking about all the stories that emerge in my game. Stories I don’t write. When I’m done with this legacy, I want to write those stories. Sure, they will be different ones, because to me, stories are like dandelion seeds, they float by and if I don’t catch them right away, they’re gone.

But I have been thinking about writing a lot, and about stories, so it’s a good thing, it keeps my brain moving.

When I’m done with the legacy, I want to go back to the Martells, maybe, or concentrate on one of the two new ideas I have. They are based on Challenges (Building Newcrest and The Drifters) but I won’t be following the challenges closely. After playing the legacy halfway through, I find that they limit the stories sometimes.

I encounter all these randomly generated Sims, and I always wonder: What’s their story? I wonder where they come from, where they live, how they live. But in a normal aging span game, there’s just too little time to meet everyone, to visit everyone. I will have periods of aging off in after-legacy-game, so I can explore their personalities and stories.

Work is still being crazy, but I am not as exhausted physically as I used to be, so that’s a good thing too. Beadwork is coming along nicely, though I keep breaking needles (they’re freaking expensive).

I just got a call that I have a day off tomorrow, so I have time to get into the game for a bit! Yay!


I noticed that we only have 1 day until Kira’s birthday. Then, we’re officially on Gen5.

MCCC screwed up again and married Leticia with some random guy, though I thought I had her on no marry list. I do have the latest version. Maybe I forgot. I definitely flagged Davis… don’t want our potential Gen5 spouse to get married away to some random guy. I will be removing Leticia’s marriage, it’s out of character.


Meanwhile, our potential future pair is splashing in the fountain. Kira definitely has the upper hand.


A while later, Davis spins into Young Adulthood on our front porch. Since Kira will follow him shortly, it’s probably fine. I really hope he won’t get on the random marriage list.


So, Leticia and Vladislav are back with each other again. They’re officially a pair now. I sent them in the green bedroom that belonged to Alyson and Aleksej and is vacant now.


In the morning after, Vladislav finally finds the courage to ask for Leticia’s hand.



How can she say no? So, they are engaged as of now, and we will celebrate the wedding shortly. We will celebrate Kira’s birthday first.


Sorry the guys are partially cut off, that was a really wide shot. It was actually the first time I see them use the living room as intended outside of a gathering.


As usual, I try to invite all the family members for the party, but there are too many of them by now. This is Nichole, daughter of Zacharij and Mia. Mia is in the background. Zacharij is Nikolai’s son, if you forgot, and Nikolai is Sveta’s son, and Sveta is Sergej’s daughter.


That’s her sister Kaelyn. She inherited the genes from her father’s side. In the background are Marina and her daughter Alaina.


Folks are gathering in the kitchen, in line for some free breakfast and later, cake.


But then something happens.

Marina has reached the end of her life and calls out to the Reaper to come meet her. Our 5th gen heir’s birthday is maybe not the most fitting moment, but I see a pattern in this. Marina has been born in this house (well, a different house but you get my meaning). It’s only fitting she came here to die, I guess.


In the afterlife, she can be reunited with her mother Sveta and visit us at night to make food in our kitchen, like Sveta does sometimes.


The sudden death dampens the mood a little, but not overly so. There is an imprompty dancing party with the girls of the household and Grim, though Lena looks a bit terrified.


Lena’s final trait is Geek, and we finally have a gold medal for a birthday party again.


It’s the little things that give them personality. After all this time, Leonid is still in love with Anvi, even though they can’t be more different. She’s a lazy game designer with rather… ordinary figure, he’s a bodybuilder and a gifted musician and performer. But look at the tenderness in his eyes when he looks at her.


After the party, they’re up to something. It’s might be science he has in mind, but of a very particular kind – they’re off to the observatory together.


The differences doesn’t matter. They’re perfect for each other, and even if they lead a quiet life in the big, sprawling house, they’re happy with their life.



In the evening, Kira walks in Lara’s room. Lena’s already there, painting. Kira sits in the chair, where various household members posed for paintings, and breathes in deeply. This is her home in more than one way.

What will her path be? Will she be an artist like her great-grandmother Lara? Or maybe a scientist like Sergej, the legacy founder?

But when she went to pick up the phone to dial the job agency, the choice was clear to me: there must be a scientist in the family again. With Silvia we kind of have an artist already. Sergej’s science equipment can’t stay in storage forever.


And now that the garden is back on the ground again, there is place for science equipment on the roof.


And thus, we will conclude this chapter. I might have time to continue tomorrow, but I’m not sure yet…


One comment on “4.29: Dandelion Seeds

  1. cathytea says:

    I’m excited about your ideas for what you want to write next! I felt similarly–after the legacy, I was ready for an aging-off, sprawling rotation!

    Liked by 1 person

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