5.1: Science Makes A Comeback

So, there it is. The beginning of Fifth Generation. Halfway through the thing. Feels weird. The house is nowhere near finished, I don’t even know how the scorecard looks like – but seriously, who cares about scores?


The best thing about mornings after a birthday party: definitely cake for breakfast.


I repainted the kitchen again. It’s now the original tile I had in the old house. I think it will stay that way now.


Silvia’s internal monologue always cracks me up.


She’s always very sweet and loving to her family. Not once has she yelled at them or been angry at somebody even though I often read that insane Sims do these things.

As Lena returns from school – with better grades this time – we go to the park.


There’s a pretty red-haired boy sitting at the chess table, obviously waiting for a suitable opponent. His name is Patrick Kirkland.



In the evening, Kira talks to Davis. I’m kind of waiting for either of them to make the first step, but they’re just best friends so far.

I’m curious about Kira’s coworkers. Maybe she will meet somebody at work.


After we get home, Kira is standing on the sidewalk playing the violin. It’s the first time she started playing by herself, without me telling her to. I wonder what set her off.


In the morning before her first day of work, she has breakfast outside. She’s looking thoughtful, but not unhappy.


It is a strange feeling, walking the very same halls as her ancestor did. But I think she belongs there, indeed, even if she is an artist too – but she can be an artist in her free time.


The lab coat looks good on her.


The receptionist, Dorian Cross, is father to Davis Cross, our potential mate.


“Let’s see where your son got his great genes from…”


Atharv Nair and Kayla Tellez. Both are rather unsuitable as spouse material, but Kira has finished her duties for today and will make a point to get to know her coworkers.

Kayla is heavily pregnant.


The garden is rather unkempt, so Kira makes herself useful by tending to the poor plants. I guess, since Sergej left, nobody really cared about them.


Feeling inspired by her day at work, Kira goes to observe the sky once she gets home.


I think it’s actually the first time I got so many people to use the dining table, including Jade Riddle, who’s basically a family member, and Marina’s ghost.

It’s saturday morning, and nobody has to work. I guess, we’ll celebrate Vladislav’s wedding next.

But that will have to happen the next time I return to the game, because I have to go to bed now.


One comment on “5.1: Science Makes A Comeback

  1. cathytea says:

    Kira looks very happy with her life!

    Liked by 1 person

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